Thursday, July 2, 2015

Holiday Phone Card Promotion

Visit Smart Global Call Phone Cards and receive 10% off any phone card through July 9, 2015.  Use this link and choose from a wide variety of phone cards that can be used to make cheap calls from any location.  There are several premium phone cards with low fees and features such as call history, PIN free dialing and even conference calling.  There are several with both local and toll free access numbers that can be used from a variety of international locations.  Use the handy phone card tool to find the best phone card for any purpose. Each phone card can be safely saved in the callers personal account for easy access for monitoring activity and to review detailed instructions for use along with access numbers and other details. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Save 10% on Phone Cards for Father's Day

Smart Global Call Phone Cards International is having a Father's Day sale where anyone can save 10% on any phone card on their website.  They offer a full range of phone cards that can be used to make cheap long distance calls from almost any location.  Visit Calling Card Sale to check rates and purchase the phone card that is best for you.  This is a good time to try their phone cards or stock up on your favorites.  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cheap Rates on Calls to Ghana

Rebtel has just announced a great deal on calls to Ghana.  Call any phone in Ghana for 45 minutes for $5.  This of course is an introductory offer but it is a great deal for people who call Ghana and worth a couple of minutes to sign-up.  Rebtel also has very good call quality and can be used like a calling card to make phone-to-phone calls or to make PC-to-Phone calls.  We have used it both ways and it is a high quality plan.  Visit the following link to take advantage of this special offer on calls to Ghana: Call any phone in Ghana: Get 45 min for only $5 . 

This offer also includes three Free trial minutes that new customers can use to try the service before deciding to purchase.  The rate on calls to Ghana after this initial special offer is 23.9 cents per minute.  Which is relatively high when compared to other services for calls from North America,  For example, Tel3Advantage offers 18 cents per minute on calls to land-lines and 18.9 cents on calls to mobile phones in Ghana through their savings plan.  In that case, new customers also get $10 in Free calls if they deposit as little as $10.  This is also a great deal and one with great long term rates as well as short term.  Visit Tel3Advantage Savings Plan for this special offer or call 1-800-441-0321 and ask for the savings plan. Tel3advantage can be used to make cheap international calls from the USA, Canada and over 30 other countries so check availability before purchase.

These are about the best rates we could find on calls to mobile phone in Ghana.  Tel3Adsvantage rates are especially appealing because it has great call quality and there are no hidden costs in their rates.  They do not add extra fees for service, taxes, etc.  The rates they list are all inclusive except for a small 1 cent per minute charge for using a toll free access number. 

Another option is phone cards.  Several high quality calling cards have good rates on calls to land-lines in Ghana but rates on calls to mobile phones in Ghana are generally better using Tel3Advantage.  Visit international calling cards to view rates on a wide selection of phone cards.

People who make frequent calls to Ghana have a variety of options but short term callers have a couple of very good options.  Either Rebtel or Tel3Advantage would likely be the best depending on caller location.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Great Rates on Calls to Nigeria

Rebtel has a special offer on calls to Nigeria.  Get 515 minutes for $10 which works out to be less than 2 cents per minute.  Use this link  for this special offer. Rebtel is a popular prepaid calling plan for making international calls from phones or from PC's.  The same account can be used to make cheap calls from phones or from PC to Phone or even PC to PC. The quality is good and people like the ease of use.

The Rebtel rate is very good.  It is about 1/2 the rate charged when using the Tel3Advantage Savings Plan and even cheaper than the rates offered by high quality phone cards .  However, the Tel3Advantage plan has better normal rates after the special offer expires.  For example, the rate to Nigerian cell phones from the USA is only 4 cents per minute using Tel3Advantage savings plan. Tel3Advantage also offers a $10 sign-up bonus when $10 is deposited.  So their offer is almost as good as the Rebtel offer, These are great opportunities for callers who want to make cheap calls to Nigeria.  Give one of them a try today before these opportunities expires. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Calling Dominican Republic and El Salvador

People who make frequent calls to or from the Dominican Republic or El Salvador should check out the Tel3Advantage savings plan.  It works like a hybrid calling card with, in most cases, better rates.  It is a prepaid plan like a phone card but it also features premium call quality and many features which make international calling easier than traditional phone cards.  Features include an on-line call history, up to 99 speed dial numbers, instant access and the ability to make direct dial international calls using Tel3Apps from smart phones.  Now is a great time to try this premium prepaid service because new customers will get a $10 bonus just for trying.  Visit here for more information and deposit $10 and get $20 worth of calls when opening a new account. You can also call 1 800 441 0321 and talk to a representative but mention the savings plan in order to get the best rates.

Tel3Advatage makes international calling  simple and convenient.  It also has very low rates when compared to other prepaid options.  For example, Call El Salvador from the USA for 11.5 cents/min to land-lines or 14.4 cents/min to mobile phones. Calls to the Dominican Republic from the USA are only 2.5 cents/min to land-lines or 7 cents/min to mobile phones.  You can also use Tel3Advantage to call the USA from either country for as little as 2 cents/min.  In most cases these rates are lower than international phone cards or other prepaid calling products.  Tel3Advantage has also been in business for over 17 years and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Tel3Advantage is a popular prepaid calling plan for making calls to any location worldwide.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

International Calling App for Making Cheap International Calls

International Calling App
There are a few easy to use options for making cheap international calls from Smartphones.  These will make international calling easier and, in most cases cheaper, than using phone cards or other prepaid calling products.  Some of the better known options are listed below. are listed below.
  1. Tel3Advantage - Tel3Apps is Free feature for Tel3Advantage customers (visit here for a free trial).  It is easy to use and allows callers to make direct dial international calls from their smartphones over the low cost Tel3Advantage network.  When using Tel3Apps there is no need to dial an access number, account number or PIN code.  Simple dial the international number with no added numbers or codes.  It can also be used with the smartphone address book or speed dial to simplify calling even more.  Dial less numbers and make international calling cheaper and easier with Tel3Apps. Visit here for more information or call 1-800-441-0321.
  2. Skype - Another option for making convenient, cheap international calls from smartphones is Skype. It can be used from a smartphone with Wi-Fi to make free calls to other smartphones or PCs over the INTERNET (to other Skype users).  It can also be used to make low cost calls to phones (cell phones or land-lines) using a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection.  Visit Here for more information. Skype is great for making free calls but the Tel3Advantage plan mentioned above is, in most cases, cheaper and more convenient for making phone to phone calls.  It is better to compare rates and options before making a purchase.
  3. Rebtel - Another option is a calling plan offered by Rebtel.  Visit Here for more information.  Rebtel can be used like a phone card or to make PC to Phone calls. It can also be used to make free calls over the INTERNET to other Rebtel users.  Rebtel can also be used to make cheap calls from smartphones over a Wi-Fi connection using a Free App.
These three options are from reputable service providers which do not charge hidden fees (all fees are fully disclosed on the corresponding website) and have high quality service.    

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Special for 2015

Special Rates on Mother's Day
Tel3Advantage has a unique Mother's Day special offer this year for new customers.  First, you sign-up for a new account which is always free since it is a prepaid plan with no fees.  Next, deposit as little as $10 and get a $20 credit (Tel3 will  match you $10 deposit) than save an additional 50% on all calls made on Mother's Day.

Visit Tel3Advantage Savings Plan for details or call 1-800-441-0321 and mention SAVINGS-MOM15 promotion.  It is not too early to sign-up and start saving.  This is the best sign-up offer for Tel3Advantage and also the best rates. Even if you only need to use a prepaid service like this for s short time it is hard to pass it up.  You get $20 worth of calls for just $10 and you get super low rates, especially on calls to mobile phones in international locations.  Calls to mobiles are generally expensive but Tel3Advantage beats most rates when using the savings plan.  It also has very good quality and comes with features like PIN Free dialing, speed dial and on-line call history.  They also have Tel3Apps which is Free for Tel3Advantage customers and can be used to direct dial international calls from SmartPhones.  So there is not a need to dial an access number when placing international calls using Tel3Apps.  Compare the savings and convenience with anything you are using now and you will see that Tel3Advantage is a clear winner.  Sign-up today and start saving by calling 1-800-441-0321 and ask fir the SAVINGS-MOM15 special offer.