Friday, June 17, 2016

Cheap Calling Options for Father's Day

This Father's Day there are a couple of good options for making domestic and international phone calls.  These are the following:

Phone Cards are a very good option for people who want to make cheap calls. There are a wide variety of phone cards available which allows callers to find an optimum card for their individual situation.  There are several high quality International Phone Cards that offer the lowest rates for calls to specific countries or regions of the world.  Smart Global Call is offering a 10% discount on all phone cards through June 22, 2016.  Use this link to visit the website and check the offers. They offer a wide variety of phone cards, some basic cards without many features but super low rates to high quality phone cards with all of the features of a premium phone card.

Tel3 is one of the highest quality prepaid calling plans in North America. There product is essentially an on-line phone card but it has many great features that are typically not offered with phone cards.  It comes with an on-line account where users can track call history (all calls with length of call and cost) and they can also set up to 99  phone numbers for speed dialing calls which makes international calling fast and easy.  Using the Tel3App customers can make cheap direct dialed international calls for any iPhone or Android smartphone.  Users can make direct calls from their contacts or dial international calls directly from the mobile without dialing and extra codes or numbers.  Tel3 has a special offer now where new customers can get up to $20 in Free Calls. Just visit the Tel3 Website and use Coupon Code "coupon10" and get an extra bonus of up to $20 in free calls.

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