Saturday, July 11, 2015

International Unlimited Calling Plans - One Low Monthly Fee

Unlimited International Calling Plans
Phonepower VoIP (Broadvoice) offers three low cost unlimited calling international plans.  Using one of these plans an international caller simple pays a relatively low monthly fee and can make unlimited calls to phones to any of the countries listed in the plans.  These are very convenient and low cost plans for people who make frequent international calls to the locations covered in the selected plan.

Those who are interested should visit Unlimited International Calling Plans for details.  They offer three different international calling plans and the cost varies from $19.95 through $49.95 depending on the countries and phones covered.  Note that some plans cover mobile phones in certain countries and some do not.  It should also be noted that any of these VoIP plans allow unlimited calling in the USA and Canada and would replace home phone service.  It should also be noted that the company allows customers to keep their current phone number (which can be transferred to their new service) and they also offer a pretty complete range of features, including the following:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • A Mobile Phone App so the service can also be used from customers mobile phone.
  • Customers can send Faxes with the service.
  • Activation and all equipment is provided for FREE.  There is a small shipping cost for equipment.
  • Includes a second line - get two phone lines for the price of one.
  • Customer Service 7 Days per week.
  • More than 45 more typical features like voice mail, call waiting, etc.
There is also no contract so the service can be cancelled at any time.  The same company also offers low cost VoIP home phone service for the USA and Canada. This plan is only $8.33 per month.  For more information visit:

Unlimited calling in the US and Canada for $8.33/month

All of these plans charge some fees and taxes in addition to the monthly charge but these are all clearly listed on the website.  For the unlimited international plans these fees and taxes add about $5 per month.  Frequent international callers should investigate these plans because they would likely be a very good deal if the countries called frequently are included.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Cheap Calls to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe CallingREBTEL is currently offering a great deal for people who call Zimbabwe.  Now you can get 100 minutes for just $5.  Visit Welcome offer to Zimbabwe: Get 100 min for only $5 
for more information or to sign-up for this great offer. This rate is only 5 cents per minute and can be used to call mobile phones or land-lines.  It also includes all fees.  After this initial welcome offer the rate goes back to their normal rates of 9.9 cents per minute to land-lines and 29.9 cents per minute to mobile phones in Zimbabwe.  Even the regular rates are not bad compared to other services for calls to Zimbabwe from North America.

We did check rates on some cheap phone cards and found they were slightly higher than REBTEL's normal rates when one includes all service fees and taxes.  Check here for some phone card options.

We also check rates using the Tel3Advantage Savings Plan and found that their normal rates were about the same.  Using the Savings Plan the rates are 9.2 cents per minute on calls to land-lines and 31.9 cents per minute on calls to mobile phones.  However, Tel3Advantage also has a special offer for new customers.  If a new customers opens and account and deposits $10 they will also deposit $10 so the customer can make $20 worth of calls for only $10.  Visit the link above for the Tel3Advantage Savings plan or call 1 800 441 0321 for more details.

It looks like REBTEL and Tel3Advantage both offer pretty good rates on international calls to Zimbabwe.  Those interested should likely try both services in order to find the one they like the most while taking advantage of low introductory rates.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Holiday Phone Card Promotion

Visit Smart Global Call Phone Cards and receive 10% off any phone card through July 9, 2015.  Use this link and choose from a wide variety of phone cards that can be used to make cheap calls from any location.  There are several premium phone cards with low fees and features such as call history, PIN free dialing and even conference calling.  There are several with both local and toll free access numbers that can be used from a variety of international locations.  Use the handy phone card tool to find the best phone card for any purpose. Each phone card can be safely saved in the callers personal account for easy access for monitoring activity and to review detailed instructions for use along with access numbers and other details.