Sunday, April 26, 2015

International Calling App for Making Cheap International Calls

International Calling App
There are a few easy to use options for making cheap international calls from Smartphones.  These will make international calling easier and, in most cases cheaper, than using phone cards or other prepaid calling products.  Some of the better known options are listed below. are listed below.
  1. Tel3Advantage - Tel3Apps is Free feature for Tel3Advantage customers (visit here for a free trial).  It is easy to use and allows callers to make direct dial international calls from their smartphones over the low cost Tel3Advantage network.  When using Tel3Apps there is no need to dial an access number, account number or PIN code.  Simple dial the international number with no added numbers or codes.  It can also be used with the smartphone address book or speed dial to simplify calling even more.  Dial less numbers and make international calling cheaper and easier with Tel3Apps. Visit here for more information or call 1-800-441-0321.
  2. Skype - Another option for making convenient, cheap international calls from smartphones is Skype. It can be used from a smartphone with Wi-Fi to make free calls to other smartphones or PCs over the INTERNET (to other Skype users).  It can also be used to make low cost calls to phones (cell phones or land-lines) using a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection.  Visit Here for more information. Skype is great for making free calls but the Tel3Advantage plan mentioned above is, in most cases, cheaper and more convenient for making phone to phone calls.  It is better to compare rates and options before making a purchase.
  3. Rebtel - Another option is a calling plan offered by Rebtel.  Visit Here for more information.  Rebtel can be used like a phone card or to make PC to Phone calls. It can also be used to make free calls over the INTERNET to other Rebtel users.  Rebtel can also be used to make cheap calls from smartphones over a Wi-Fi connection using a Free App.
These three options are from reputable service providers which do not charge hidden fees (all fees are fully disclosed on the corresponding website) and have high quality service.    

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