Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cheap Calls to Mobile Phones in Europe

Those who call to mobile phones in Europe and other destinations should check out the rates offered by Tel3Advantage.  The new Tel3Advantage Savings Plan offers the lowest rates on calls to mobile phones that we could find without signing up for a subscription service or other long term plan with monthly fees.  Tel3Advantage is a prepaid plan with no added fees and no long term obligation.  Use it as little or as often as you like and get the same low rates.  Tel3Advantage also offers some great features like direct dialing from smart phones, speed dial and an on-line account history which shows the duration and cost of all calls made on the account.  To top it off, they are also giving new customers a $10 bonus when they open an account and deposit as little as $10. Visit here for more details. Tel3Advantage can be used to make calls from the USA, Canada and around 30 other countries which makes it convenient for international travelers.

The following table compares rates for calls from the USA to mobile phones in some popular European destinations using the Tel3Advantage Savings Plan with two other popular international calling plans (REBTEL and Skype Pay-As-You-Go).  As can be seen, Tel3Advantage has the lowest rates to all of the countries listed.  The same is true on calls to all of the destinations we reviewed.

Example of Rates on Calls from the USA to Mobile Phones in European Destinations (US Cents/Min)
Location Carrier
Tel3Advantage1 REBTEL2 Skype3
France 4 17.1 8
Denmark 2 21.9 10
Germany 5 19.3 10
Italy 4.5 19.5 10
Netherlands 6.5 23 10
Norway 8 19 12
Spain 4.5 19.9 10
Sweden 4.5 13.9 10
Switzerland 12.2 29 20
United Kingdom 7.9 14.9 10
1 Tel3Advanatge Savings Plan
2 REBTEL Credit
3 Skype Pay-As-You-Go Rates

Please visit the following websites for further information on the plans listed in the table above or to check rates for yourself.

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