Sunday, April 26, 2015

International Calling App for Making Cheap International Calls

International Calling App
There are a few easy to use options for making cheap international calls from Smartphones.  These will make international calling easier and, in most cases cheaper, than using phone cards or other prepaid calling products.  Some of the better known options are listed below. are listed below.
  1. Tel3Advantage - Tel3Apps is Free feature for Tel3Advantage customers (visit here for a free trial).  It is easy to use and allows callers to make direct dial international calls from their smartphones over the low cost Tel3Advantage network.  When using Tel3Apps there is no need to dial an access number, account number or PIN code.  Simple dial the international number with no added numbers or codes.  It can also be used with the smartphone address book or speed dial to simplify calling even more.  Dial less numbers and make international calling cheaper and easier with Tel3Apps. Visit here for more information or call 1-800-441-0321.
  2. Skype - Another option for making convenient, cheap international calls from smartphones is Skype. It can be used from a smartphone with Wi-Fi to make free calls to other smartphones or PCs over the INTERNET (to other Skype users).  It can also be used to make low cost calls to phones (cell phones or land-lines) using a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection.  Visit Here for more information. Skype is great for making free calls but the Tel3Advantage plan mentioned above is, in most cases, cheaper and more convenient for making phone to phone calls.  It is better to compare rates and options before making a purchase.
  3. Rebtel - Another option is a calling plan offered by Rebtel.  Visit Here for more information.  Rebtel can be used like a phone card or to make PC to Phone calls. It can also be used to make free calls over the INTERNET to other Rebtel users.  Rebtel can also be used to make cheap calls from smartphones over a Wi-Fi connection using a Free App.
These three options are from reputable service providers which do not charge hidden fees (all fees are fully disclosed on the corresponding website) and have high quality service.    

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Special for 2015

Special Rates on Mother's Day
Tel3Advantage has a unique Mother's Day special offer this year for new customers.  First, you sign-up for a new account which is always free since it is a prepaid plan with no fees.  Next, deposit as little as $10 and get a $20 credit (Tel3 will  match you $10 deposit) than save an additional 50% on all calls made on Mother's Day.

Visit Tel3Advantage Savings Plan for details or call 1-800-441-0321 and mention SAVINGS-MOM15 promotion.  It is not too early to sign-up and start saving.  This is the best sign-up offer for Tel3Advantage and also the best rates. Even if you only need to use a prepaid service like this for s short time it is hard to pass it up.  You get $20 worth of calls for just $10 and you get super low rates, especially on calls to mobile phones in international locations.  Calls to mobiles are generally expensive but Tel3Advantage beats most rates when using the savings plan.  It also has very good quality and comes with features like PIN Free dialing, speed dial and on-line call history.  They also have Tel3Apps which is Free for Tel3Advantage customers and can be used to direct dial international calls from SmartPhones.  So there is not a need to dial an access number when placing international calls using Tel3Apps.  Compare the savings and convenience with anything you are using now and you will see that Tel3Advantage is a clear winner.  Sign-up today and start saving by calling 1-800-441-0321 and ask fir the SAVINGS-MOM15 special offer. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Make Cheap Phone Calls While on the Road

Most people who travel need or want to keep in touch with friends, family or business associates while on the road.  Today with mobile phones and INTERNET connections in most locations it is becoming much easier and cheaper to stay in touch.  We have a few options that we have used to keep in touch while on international trips and have listed them below.  The best option really depends on the situation, countries calling to or from and options available to the traveler.  There are a few options commonly used.  These are listed below:

  • Making calls using and international mobile phone.  A convenient option but also by far the most expensive.  With a little planning the traveler can use one of the options below and save a significant amount of money. Calls from international mobiles can cost dollars per minute (depending on carriers and location) while the options below can be free or cost a few cents per minute.
  • Phone cards are an old standard that have been used by international callers for many years.  They can be convenient and the cost can vary as well as the quality.  Smart Global Call features a variety of phone cards that can be used from around 80 countries.  They have several premium cards that are high quality such as; Continental, Bizon, Mozart, AT&T.  Generally those rated 4 stars or better on the website.
  • Callback or what is also referred to as web-call. This is an interesting option and it is not commonly used or known.  More information can be obtained here or at the website. This is a good option for those who are calling from a high cost country and have either a mobile or land-line where they can receive calls directly.  In this case a caller will send a message via e-mail, send an SMS, call a special phone number or in some way signal a computer that will call the callers phone from a low cost country.  Therefore, the caller is not charged for making an international call from the high cost country but is only receiving a call.  We have used the web-call feature of the Continental Phone Card to make calls like this from several high cost countries in the Middle East and found it to be very handy.
  • Another option is Skype or PC-to-Phone service.  We think every international traveler should have Skype loaded on their lap top computer.  Get a Free download at Skype Down Load. It is very handy since it can be used to make free calls over the INTERNET to other Skype users and it can also be used to call from a PC to a mobile phone or land-line for a fee.  Skype is the most popular service of this kind but there are other less popular services that can be lower cost depending on the situation.  One similar service is REBTEL ( visit Free or Cheap Calls with Rebtel for more details).  It can be used like a phone card to make cheap calls from land-lines or mobile phones and it also has a PC-to-Phone features.  We have used it to make PC-to-Phone calls from high cost countries and it works fine.
There may be a few other options we are not aware of but this is a good summary of some common low cost products that are high quality, low cost as well as convenient. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cheap Calls to Mobile Phones in Europe

Those who call to mobile phones in Europe and other destinations should check out the rates offered by Tel3Advantage.  The new Tel3Advantage Savings Plan offers the lowest rates on calls to mobile phones that we could find without signing up for a subscription service or other long term plan with monthly fees.  Tel3Advantage is a prepaid plan with no added fees and no long term obligation.  Use it as little or as often as you like and get the same low rates.  Tel3Advantage also offers some great features like direct dialing from smart phones, speed dial and an on-line account history which shows the duration and cost of all calls made on the account.  To top it off, they are also giving new customers a $10 bonus when they open an account and deposit as little as $10. Visit here for more details. Tel3Advantage can be used to make calls from the USA, Canada and around 30 other countries which makes it convenient for international travelers.

The following table compares rates for calls from the USA to mobile phones in some popular European destinations using the Tel3Advantage Savings Plan with two other popular international calling plans (REBTEL and Skype Pay-As-You-Go).  As can be seen, Tel3Advantage has the lowest rates to all of the countries listed.  The same is true on calls to all of the destinations we reviewed.

Example of Rates on Calls from the USA to Mobile Phones in European Destinations (US Cents/Min)
Location Carrier
Tel3Advantage1 REBTEL2 Skype3
France 4 17.1 8
Denmark 2 21.9 10
Germany 5 19.3 10
Italy 4.5 19.5 10
Netherlands 6.5 23 10
Norway 8 19 12
Spain 4.5 19.9 10
Sweden 4.5 13.9 10
Switzerland 12.2 29 20
United Kingdom 7.9 14.9 10
1 Tel3Advanatge Savings Plan
2 REBTEL Credit
3 Skype Pay-As-You-Go Rates

Please visit the following websites for further information on the plans listed in the table above or to check rates for yourself.