Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years Calling Card Special Offer - Tel3Advantage

Tel3Advantage Holiday Special Offer
Tel3advantage is featuring a special offer for their Flex Plan until January 2, 2015. Click here for details.  New customers who sign-up for their preeminent prepaid service will receive a $10 bonus when they deposit $10.  This $10 represents a 100% bonus for new customers.  Therefore, new customers who sign-up and and make an intial deposit will receive a bonus per the following schedule:

Deposit $10 and get a $10 bonus. (10 for 10 option)
Deposit $25 and get a $10 bonus.
Deposit $50 and get a $13 bonus.
Deposit $100 and get a $16 bonus.

Visit Tel3Advantage for more details or call 1 800 441 0321 and ask for the Holiday Special.

The 10 for 10 bonus option is great for people who plan to make a limited number of international calls over New Years and beyond but people who plan to use the service over a long period of time should consider depositing the maximum and getting the maximum bonus.  Tel3Advantage guaratees their service and will refund a customer's money if they are not satisified so there is no risk. If not completely satisfied, simply request a refund and get trhe unused portion of your money back. 

Tel3Advantage is a safe bet.  They have been in business for around 18 years and have an A+ rating from the BBB.  They don't maintain an A+ rating by ripping off their customers.  They keep this rating by offering a quality product at a fair price.  They also do not trick people with hidden fees so customers receive what is promised.  Every customer gets a free on-line account where they can monitor account activity and verify that they have been correctly charged for all calls.  Tel3Advantage offers a completely transparent service with no hidden fees or extra charges. 

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