Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Phone Card Sale - Save 10% through January 8

Holiday Calling Card Sale

Smart Global Call Phone Cards International are having a site wide phone card sale through January 8, 2015.  Save 10% on any purchase over $10.  This includes a full range of phone cards that can be used to make cheap international or domestic long distance phone calls from any kind of telephone.   The website offers more than 25 different phone cards so there is one for almost any need.  There are several premium phone cards like AT&T, Bizon and Continental along with several that offer extremely low cost like Lucky Minutes, Master Cent and and Cheap Call.  Visit here for a full list of phone cards with more details on each.  Use the search tool to easily find the right calling card for making calls from any location in the world.

Phone card details are conveniently and safely stored on-line in a customer's personal account where they can be easily accessed at any time.  Also, many calling cards offers features like Call History that can be accessed in order to monitor phone card activity and calling cost.

It seems like a great time to stock up on phone cards or they can also be used as Holiday Gifts.  There is a convenient Gift Card Selection that can be used to instantly send anyone a phone card worldwide.

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