Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday Phone Card Sale - Save 10% on any Phone Card

Visit Smart Global Call Phone Cards by December 1st and purchase any phone card at a 10% discount.  Simple use this link.  Smart Global Call sells a wide variety of phone cards, from ultra low cost cards to premium cards like that offered by AT&T.  They offer 25 different phone cards so customers can always find the right phone card that fits their needs.  Some offer special rates for calls to or from certain locations while others can be used from a wide range of locations or offer special features like on-line call history, speed dial, conference calling or even a personal toll free number so family, business contacts and friends can all you toll free at any location.  Some of our favorite phone cards are listed below:

Bizon International Calling Card
 Bizon is a very high quality phone card that can be used to make domestic or international long distance calls from the USA or Canada. Included are basic features like on-line call history, PIN free dialing and local as well as toll free access numbers in the USA or Canada.  Visit 10% discount for more information or to save 10%.

Continental Phone Card - Save 10%
This is one of our favorite phone cards because it offers low rates, can be used from a wide range of locations and has too many features to list. It is also one of the most versatile phone cards on the market since it can be used to make low cost calls as a phone card by dialing toll free or local access numbers and it can also be used as a callback card, for VoIP or PC to Phone Calling and for conference calling.  It also has a unique feature labeled a "Call Me Link" where customers can send their friends or family a link that can be used to call them at no cost.  Visit Continental for more information or purchase with a 10% discount.

Phone Card with Ultra Cheap Rates
Lucky Minutes is a popular phone card used by people who want to make ultra low cost calls.It can also be used to make cheap calls from around 80 countries and offers some basic features like PIN Free Access and on-line call history.  Compare rates and you will see that this phone card offers some of the lowest rates to almost any location.  Visit get Lucky Minutes for more information or to save 10% on a purchase.

Use any of the above links to shop for the perfect phone card and save 10% when you make a purchase through December 1 ,2014

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