Friday, July 18, 2014

A Popular, Low Cost Phone Card that can be used from Over 70 Countries

Cheap Phone Card
Popular & Low Cost
We notice that Luck Minutes is a very popular phone card and also note that it has some of the lowest rates to many international locations.  We also note that some customers purchase it over-and -over again so they must find it an attractive option.  Visit Lucky Minutes Calling Card for more information. One attractive feature is that is can be used to make calls from over 70 countries so it has wide international appeal.  For a low cost phone card it also has some nice features.  These include PIN Free Dialing, On-Line Call History and local as well as toll free access numbers which can all be accessed in the customers free on-line account.

Lucky minutes is very popular with callers who make frequent calls to high cost locations.  The card has a maintenance fee (89 cents per week) so it is better to purchase in small denominations and use it quickly to avoid paying maintenance fees.  It also charges a connection fee (18 cents per call) so it is better to use it for long calls.  Therefore, Lucky Minutes is a good option for people who make frequent, long calls to high cost locations.    

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