Friday, June 13, 2014

10% Discount on all Phone Cards for Father's Day

Phone cards are reduced by 10% through June 18, 2014 at Smart Global Call Phone Cards International in celebration of Father's Day in the USA.  Smart Global Call offers a wide variety of phone cards that can be used for almost any purpose and fit nearly any budget.  Visit Father's Day Sale to get this offer. Some of our favorites are listed below.

The Continental Phone Card is one of our favorites because if offers high quality and is also very versatile. It can be used as a phone card from over 60 countries and can also be used to make conference calls, PC to Phone Calls, VoIP calls and as a call back card from nearly any location.  It has great rates to most locations and low fees so it is both high quality and affordable. It also comes with handy features like PIN Free Dialing, Call History, Speed Dial and Auto Re-fill.

The Bizon Phone Card is another favorite since it features high voice quality along with low rates.  It is a high quality product for some seeking a phone card but it is not as versatile as the Continental Card.  It can be used to make low cost calls from North America, including the USA, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.  It also has handy features like PIN Free Dialing and Call History.

Cheap Call Phone Card offers some of the lowest rates on calls from the USA.  It is a popular phone card for people who want to maximize their savings on international phone calls. It offers toll free access in the USA but not many features due to the low cost.  It is popular with foreign students and others who make frequent international calls and want to maximize savings.

Arbat Phone Card is a good example of a regional phone card that is designed to make calls from Russia.  It has some of the best rates on calls from Russia and is popular with people living in Moscow (Americans or other foreigners) or people just visiting on a business trip or vacation.  It is a great way to save money on calls but still have high quality.

There are many other phone cards on the website.  So visit today and get a 10% discount on any phone card through June 18th.

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