Friday, May 30, 2014

Bizon Phone Card - One of the Best

Bizon Phone Card

One of the Best Phone Cards

One of the most popular phone cards offered by Smart Global Call Phone Cards International is the Bizon Phone Card. This phone card can be used to make low cost calls from the USA (including Hawaii) and Canada and it also has low fees and superior quality when compared to other phone cards.  The rates may seem a little higher than other phone cards but it has low fees (only a 15% service charge) and uses a 1 minute rounding interval so in the long run it actually has lower effective rates than many phone cards and also offers higher quality. We note that many customers use the Bizon Card over and over and customers rated it highly for voice quality and billing accuracy.  Visit here for more information on the Bizon Card.

The Bizon card features both local access and toll free access numbers in the USA and Canada.  We note that there are local access numbers in most major cities in the USA and Canada.  Customers will receive the lowest rates when using local access numbers to make calls since there is typically a surcharge for using a toll free access number. The Bizon card also features PIN Free access which makes it very easy to place calls since there is no need to enter a PIN code or account number when making calls from selected phones.  This is a nice feature that is offered by mostly higher quality phone cards. The Bizon card offers low rates to a wide selection of countries but rates to some locations are not the best.  One reason why it is good to compare phone card rates when making a purchase.  We suggest comparing Bizon rates to Continental Card rates and, since these cards have similar quality, choosing the card with the best rates to the location called the most frequently.  Use this quick and simple phone card tool to easily compare rates to any location.

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