Friday, April 4, 2014

Cheap International Phone Calls to Europe

Tel3 Savings Plan

New Tel3Advanatge Savings Plan

If you make frequent international phone calls to Europe from the USA or Canada than you should review the service offered by Tel3Advantage.  You can visit there website here to learn about their product but don;t pay attention to the rates.  Use this link Tel3Advantage Savings Plan to sign-up since it is the same service but it offers much better rates.  They will even give you $10 in Free Calls just for trying the service.

Tel3advantage has been in the prepaid calling card business for nearly 20 years and have continued to improve their product.  Their call quality to most locations is as good as any service provider and their rates are very low.  When comparing rates to other service providers remember that Tel3Advantage rates include all fees and taxes which is unusual in the prepaid calling business.  Most prepaid calling cards advertise low rates but add on extra fees which can make their rates significantly higher.  Just read the fine print when comparing the cost of using a prepaid calling card.

Tel3Advantage also offers several added features free of charge and most international callers find these features very useful.  Some of the most popular features are listed below:

  1. On-line Call History - Each Tel3Advantage account holder has the ability to access their account on-line to make changes to account settings, add funds and also to view the history of account activity.  The on-line call history will show the account holders all calls made on the account including location called, length of the call and the total charge for the call.  In this way all calls made on a Tel3Advantage account are completely transparent.
  2. Tel3Advantage offers Apps that can be used with Smart Phones in order to make seamless international calls without dialing an access number or entering an account number.  Using a Tel3App the user can make direct dial international calls over the Tel3 Network from their mobile device.  
  3. Tel3Advantage allows up to 10 instant access phones on each account.  This means an account holder can register these phones so when any of them are used to make a call using Tel3Advantage there is no need to enter an account number or PIN code.  The system will automatically recognize these phone numbers as being associated with a Tel3Advantage account.
  4. Customers can add up to 99 Speed Dial numbers to each account.  These can be used to make international calls by pressing just two digits.  These are very convenient for people who make frequent international calls to the same phone numbers.
Tel3Advantage has recently added about 32 Countries to their Tel3 Network.  This means that Tel3Advantage customers can use their account to make cheap international calls from any of these countries. So people who want to make cheap calls to Europe from North America can use the same account to make cheap calls to the USA,Canada and almost any other country from Europe.

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