Friday, December 13, 2013

New Low Cost USA Phone Card

Master Cent Phone Card
New Low Cost Phone Card
The Master Cent Phone Card is the latest phone card offered by Smart Global Call Phone Cards International. It has super low rates on long distance phone calls, both domestic and international.  Rates vary by country called but they are very low compared to similar phone cards.  The Master Cent Card also features PIN Free Dialing and On-line Call History along with Local and Toll Free Access numbers.  it is a permanent PIN phone card that can be conveniently refilled on-line by accessing the customer's on-line account.  This phone card can only be used to make calls from the USA but Smart Global Call offers a full range of phone cards for making domestic and international long distance calls from almost any country. One phone card does not fit all users so they offer a variety.  Some phone cards offer different features and have special rates to specific countries or regions of the world.  Therefore, it is a good idea to shop for a phone card with the best rates and features for specific locations called before making a purchase.  Rates can vary significantly between phone card vendors and there are also hidden fees which also vary.  It is a good idea to purchase a small denomination phone card when trying for the first time in case the quality is poor or the fees are higher than anticipated.

A good basis of comparison is a high quality on-line phone card like Tel3Advantage.  Check the Tel3 Rates, which have no added charges, and compare them to other products. Tel3Advantage also has high call quality and no hidden fees.  If you cannot beat Tel3Advantage rates than it is the best product to use because it has as good of call quality as you will find in any phone card.    

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