Friday, November 15, 2013

Cheap Calls to the Middle East with Tel3Advantage Savings Plan

Tel3Advatage Savings Plan
There are several options for new customers when they sign up for the Tel3Advantage prepaid calling plan.  The two most popular options that are commonly marketed on-line are the Tel3Advantage Flex Plan and the so called Triple Promo Plan. Another less common option is the Tel3Advantage Savings Plan. These plans all ultimately offer the same service and great rates but they offer different incentives for new customers.  Those who want to sign-up for first time should review all of the Tel3Advantage sign-up options in order to find the best deal for their situation.  Visit here for a summary of the Tel3Advantage options for new customers.

The first two options (Flex Plan or Triple Promo) offer new customers either a bonus for opening a new account or lower rates and a bonus for the first 30 days.  For example, a new customer who signs-up for Tel3Advantage using the Triple Promo option will get a bonus of up to $10 (depending on the amount of the initial deposit) that can be used to make phone calls along with discounted rates for the first 30 days.  The Savings Plan option does not provide new customers with a sign-up bonus but the rates are discounted for the first 6 months.  For most new customers the Triple Promo option offers the best deal but for some people the savings plan is a better deal.  The best deal depends on the locations called and the number of calls or minutes a caller plans to use. In general, high frequency callers who tend to call to high cost locations would save money by signing up using the Savings Plan option.  However, this is not always true so most new customers should compare rates between the Savings Plan and the Triple Promo options.

The Savings Plan option does provide very good rates to many locations in the Middle East which tend to be high cost destinations.  Some examples are listed below:

Egypt  4.9 cents/min
Iran 4.5
Jordan 8.5
Qatar 16.5
Syria 10.3
Turkey 3.4
UAE 13.7

These rates are from the USA when a local access number is used.  These rates include all fees and taxes so there are no additional charges like connection fees or other hidden costs.  Tel3Advantage is also a high quality service so connections tend to be very clear.  They have been in the prepaid calling business for over 17 years  and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  They also offer a full range of features including PIN free dialing, speed dial and Tel3Apps for Smart Phones.

For most new customers, the Tel3Advantage Triple Promo option is best but some people will benefit by signing up under the Savings Plan.

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