Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cheap Calls to International Mobile Phones

Tel3Advantage has just revamped their program and is now offering a new Savings Plan with a nice sign-up bonus and rates that are lower than offered through their other plans.  The service, features and everything else is the same, just the rates are lower and the bonus is better if customers sign-up using this offer.  Visit Tel3 Savings Plan for details and to sign-up online or call 1-800- 441-0321 and ask for the "10 for 10" promo.

The rates are lower than the normal Tel3Advantage Flex Plan rates and they are especially low on calls to mobile phones in international locations.  We have reviewed the rates and have found some very good deals.  Some examples of rates on calls to mobile phones from the USA are listed below:

Belgium 3.5 cent/min
Brazil 6.8
Colombia 5.0
Costa Rica 2.0
Czech Republic 4.5
Egypt 4.9
France 4.0
Greece 3.5
Hungary 4.5
India 1.6
Indonesia 3.5
Iran 5.9
Mexico  3.5
Nigeria  4.0
Philippines 12.2
Poland 4.5

Visit Tel3 Savings plan to find rates to all locations.  Remember that Tel3Advantage rates include all fees and taxes so there are no hidden charges.

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