Friday, July 19, 2013

Where to Buy a Phone Card

There are many prepaid calling options for people who who want to save money on international and other long distance calls.  Prepaid options are popular because they are cheap and are generally a "pay as you go" product so callers only pay for what they use.  One word of caution, not every phone card or prepaid product is perfectly  "pay as you go" since some charge a "maintenance fee" or a periodic charge for keeping the phone card active.  In most cases, in order to avoid a maintenance fee, simply purchase a small denomination phone card and use it before the maintenance fee is accessed (usually every week, bi-weekly or monthly).

We use different prepaid products when traveling or working overseas.  The suitable product depends on the situation.  For example, when traveling and staying in hotels my favorite product is a PC to Phone service since it is convenient to use the hotel INTERNET service.  Many people use Skype  since it is free to make calls to other Skype users but it is necessary to call them on their PC.  Since they are  not always on their PC I like to use a PC to Phone product.  The one I use most is LocalPhone since it is a very convenient a flexible product that can be used in a variety of ways.  For example, it can used to make PC to phone calls or PC to PC calls but it can also be used as a traditional phone card or to set up a local phone number people can dial which will be forwarded to your phone worldwide.  It is a convenient product with a range of uses. They will also give new users a free 5 minute trial call by using the link above before opening an account and customers can deposit as little as $1.

Another one of our favorite products is Tel3Advantage.  It is basically a high quality, virtual phone card but it has many features not offered by most phone cards.  For example, customers have an on-line account where they can make changes to their account and monitor activity, add credits, etc.  They can also download free Apps for their i-Pone or Android phone that can be used to make direct dialed international calls from smartphone over the low cost Tel3Advantage network without dialing an access code or entering any extra phone numbers.  This is a free service that is very popular with smartphone users who make international phone calls.  Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap calls from 20 countries now so it is a popular product with many international travelers.  Visit Tel3 Advatage for a free trial call and more details or call 1-800-441-0321 to talk with a representative.

For people who want a more traditional phone card a sensible option is to visit a website that offers a variety of phone cards.  These sites offer a search option which will allow shoppers to compare phone cards and rates for making calls from the location where they plan to use the card to the desired destination.  One such website is Smart Global Call Phone Cards International, they have a wide selection of phone cards with different features and price ranges and guarantee all of their phone cards.  They also allow customers to transfer balances from one phone card to another.  One popular phone card that can be used from over 60 hcountries is the Continental Card.  It is currently on sale at a 10% discount (a purchase of $20 or more is required), visit here for more details. 

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