Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Call Rwanda for Low Rates

Like other locations, there are many options for making international calls to Rwanda these days.  Products ranging from VoIP & PC to Phone to phone cards and prepaid calling plans all offer different rates, quality and features which makes choosing the right product for a given set of circumstances very confusing for the average consumer.  We have highlighted a few products here with current pricing and quality information. People who want general information on calling Rwanda including dialing codes should visit here.

Our favorite product for making calls to Rwanda is Tel3Advantage and it also has some of the lowest rates.  The rates offered during their Triple Promo are 9.9 cents per minute to mobile phones and 15.2 cents to land-lines. These were the best rates we found on calls to mobile phones in Rwanda. Visit the special Tel3Advantage Triple Promo page here or call 1 800 441 0321 in North America for more details. Tel3Advantage is a high quality prepaid calling plan that can be used to make cheap long distance calls from the USA, Canada or 22 other countries.  The rates shown above are based on USA rates using a local access number.  Using a toll free access number in the USA or calling from other locations will add at least 1 cent per minute to these rates.  However, there are no other fees or taxes.

We also found some premium phone cards with relatively low rates.  These can be found by visiting Smart Global Call International at calling cards.  Rates on these cards are about 13 cents per minute for calls to mobile phones and 12.2 cents for calls to land-lines.  Like most, these have some other fees which vary depending on the card selected and how it is used.  Other phone card websites that we surveyed tended to have higher rates.  For example Penny Talk charged 23 cents per minute for calls to land-lines and 33 cents for calls to mobile phones and Nobelcom's cheapest phone card  charged 16.4 cents on calls to land-lines and 21.9 cents on calls to mobile phones.

We found that Skype charged 27 cents per minute (using Skype Credits - pay as you go) for calls to land-lines and mobile phones in Rwanda.  Other similar PC to Phone products like LocalPhone (24 cents) and Rebtel (16.4 for land-lines and 37.9 for mobiles) also had relatively high rates.

Tel3Advantage stood out from the rest after comparing all of the options because it has the best all around rates, high quality and it is easy to use.  They also do not require a long term contract or agreement in order to get the lowest rates.  However, Tel3Advantage can only be used to make calls from 22 countries so if you are not in one of these Tel3 Network countries you will need to use another product.

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