Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheap Calls to Iran with Tel3Advantage

Many people know that Tel3Advantage offers some of the lowest rates on calls to Iran and other international locations.  Visit here to see options and current rates on calls to Iran. However, what most people do not know is there may be better deals depending on the offer used to open a new account.  Consider the following example for calls to Iran:

  1. For most people, the best deal on calls using Tel3Advantage are found by signing up for a new account using the Triple Promo offer.  Visit Tel3 Triple Promo for details. On calls to Iran, the Triple Promo rate from the USA is 6.9 cents per minute to mobile phones and 9.0 cents to land-lines.  These rates are valid for 30 days and new customers receive a bonus of up to $10 when they open an account.  Note that these rates will revert to the normal rate of 7.5 cents to mobile phones and 12.9 cents to land-lines after the first 30 days when the Triple Promo period ends. Visit here to see full rates.
  2. Another little known option for opening a Tel3Advantage account the savings plan option. This plan offers significant savings to some countries but there is no sign-up bonus.  However, savings plan rates are locked in for 6 months so frequent callers can receive more savings.  Savings plan rates to Iran are   6.9 cents per minute to mobile phones (same as with the Triple Promo plan mentioned above) but only 4.5 cents to land-lines.  Therefore, people who make frequent calls to land-lines in Iran will likely save more with this plan.  
Those who are interested can also speak to a representative at 1 800  441 0321 to discuss options for making calls to Iran and other locations.  Tel3Advantage can now be used to make calls from the USA, Canada and 20 other countries so callers from countries other than the USA may wish to discuss their details with an agent so they can understand the rate they will be charged from their country.

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