Friday, May 31, 2013

Tel3Advantage Now Offers Top Up Option

Tel3Advantage users can now Top Up international prepaid phones conveniently from their on-line account.  Tel3Advantage is offering a bonus to those customer's who use this option from May 30 until June 15, 2013.  Customers who use this Top Off option will get a $1 talk-time credit added to their Tel3Advantage account for the first use. Visit the Tel3Advantage website here for more information or call 1 800 441 0321.

tel3advantage top up
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Cheap Calls to Iran with Tel3Advantage

Many people know that Tel3Advantage offers some of the lowest rates on calls to Iran and other international locations.  Visit here to see options and current rates on calls to Iran. However, what most people do not know is there may be better deals depending on the offer used to open a new account.  Consider the following example for calls to Iran:

  1. For most people, the best deal on calls using Tel3Advantage are found by signing up for a new account using the Triple Promo offer.  Visit Tel3 Triple Promo for details. On calls to Iran, the Triple Promo rate from the USA is 6.9 cents per minute to mobile phones and 9.0 cents to land-lines.  These rates are valid for 30 days and new customers receive a bonus of up to $10 when they open an account.  Note that these rates will revert to the normal rate of 7.5 cents to mobile phones and 12.9 cents to land-lines after the first 30 days when the Triple Promo period ends. Visit here to see full rates.
  2. Another little known option for opening a Tel3Advantage account the savings plan option. This plan offers significant savings to some countries but there is no sign-up bonus.  However, savings plan rates are locked in for 6 months so frequent callers can receive more savings.  Savings plan rates to Iran are   6.9 cents per minute to mobile phones (same as with the Triple Promo plan mentioned above) but only 4.5 cents to land-lines.  Therefore, people who make frequent calls to land-lines in Iran will likely save more with this plan.  
Those who are interested can also speak to a representative at 1 800  441 0321 to discuss options for making calls to Iran and other locations.  Tel3Advantage can now be used to make calls from the USA, Canada and 20 other countries so callers from countries other than the USA may wish to discuss their details with an agent so they can understand the rate they will be charged from their country.

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Call Rwanda for Low Rates

Like other locations, there are many options for making international calls to Rwanda these days.  Products ranging from VoIP & PC to Phone to phone cards and prepaid calling plans all offer different rates, quality and features which makes choosing the right product for a given set of circumstances very confusing for the average consumer.  We have highlighted a few products here with current pricing and quality information. People who want general information on calling Rwanda including dialing codes should visit here.

Our favorite product for making calls to Rwanda is Tel3Advantage and it also has some of the lowest rates.  The rates offered during their Triple Promo are 9.9 cents per minute to mobile phones and 15.2 cents to land-lines. These were the best rates we found on calls to mobile phones in Rwanda. Visit the special Tel3Advantage Triple Promo page here or call 1 800 441 0321 in North America for more details. Tel3Advantage is a high quality prepaid calling plan that can be used to make cheap long distance calls from the USA, Canada or 22 other countries.  The rates shown above are based on USA rates using a local access number.  Using a toll free access number in the USA or calling from other locations will add at least 1 cent per minute to these rates.  However, there are no other fees or taxes.

We also found some premium phone cards with relatively low rates.  These can be found by visiting Smart Global Call International at calling cards.  Rates on these cards are about 13 cents per minute for calls to mobile phones and 12.2 cents for calls to land-lines.  Like most, these have some other fees which vary depending on the card selected and how it is used.  Other phone card websites that we surveyed tended to have higher rates.  For example Penny Talk charged 23 cents per minute for calls to land-lines and 33 cents for calls to mobile phones and Nobelcom's cheapest phone card  charged 16.4 cents on calls to land-lines and 21.9 cents on calls to mobile phones.

We found that Skype charged 27 cents per minute (using Skype Credits - pay as you go) for calls to land-lines and mobile phones in Rwanda.  Other similar PC to Phone products like LocalPhone (24 cents) and Rebtel (16.4 for land-lines and 37.9 for mobiles) also had relatively high rates.

Tel3Advantage stood out from the rest after comparing all of the options because it has the best all around rates, high quality and it is easy to use.  They also do not require a long term contract or agreement in order to get the lowest rates.  However, Tel3Advantage can only be used to make calls from 22 countries so if you are not in one of these Tel3 Network countries you will need to use another product.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Calling to Belize for only 15 Cents

People interested in making international calls to Belize from the USA, Canada or 22 other countries can now make calls there for only 15 cents per minute.  This rate applies to calls to land-lines in Belize, calls to mobile phones in Belize cost about 20 cents per minute.  These rates include all fees and taxes and calls can be made from any kind of telephone without changing service providers.  Those interested should visit here for more information or call 1-800-441-0321 and ask for the Triple Promo special offer.

Tel3Advantage offers these rates on all calls to Belize for new customers for a 30 day period.  Those interested in saving money on calls to Belize and other international locations should visit the Tel3Advantage website in order to check rates on calls to their favorite location.  Tel3Advantage is a popular prepaid calling plan that can be used to make cheap long distance phone calls from 22 countries.  It offers premium call quality and a variety of useful features for making international calling simple and easy.   

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Phone Card Sale - Promotion

Smart Global Call International Phone Cards is offering 10% off any phone card on their website in celebration of Mother's Day (May 12th).  The sale lasts through May 15, 2013.  Just visit their website using the following link Phone Card Sale and choose from a wide variety of popular phone cards.  They have phone cards that can be used to make cheap phone calls from almost any country.  They also have a handy phone card selector for finding the best phone card for making calls from your location to the destination you wish to call.  Smart Global Call offers some premium phone cards, like the Continental Phone Card, that have a full range of features that makes international calling very easy.

Best Apps for Calling Abroad

One of the hardest parts about being abroad is staying in touch with your friends and family back home. This was certainly the case for me when I lived abroad; this led to me trying a few things in order to communicate easily and more importantly, cheaply. What is common among these apps is that they are VoIP systems, which means voice over internet protocol. This allows for anyone with a standard internet connection to make free calls.

  1. Skype- We all know Skype, it’s the best app for any entry level user of VoIP apps. It’s easy to use and very cheap; also Skype is by far the most widely used. It is free within Skype network yet the rates for calling outside the network are very cheap. Cheaper than any international mobile rates you’re likely to find. Connection is solid, there are minor problems if your Wi-Fi connection is slow but overall it is the best app for anyone looking to stay in touch.
  2.   What’s App- This app is really a messaging app but it is really the best for international texts. You can text any phone regardless of carrier anywhere in the world, which definitely comes in handy. It does have some extras which make the app all the more fun like group chats, picture sharing, and audio and video notes in your conversations.
  3.  Fring- Is completely free to use, and allows for very inexpensive rates to landlines and other cell phones if the other person is not a Fring user. Fring is a great option for those looking for a Skype alternative and you can chat with up to four people at the same time which makes it great for group video chats. The connection is solid, the quality of video and voice chats are rated very highly.
  4. Viber- An up and coming app that has been given solid reviews and there’s no need to register as you simply use your mobile number. It merges with your existing contacts and while the connection is generally good there have been problems in low Wi-Fi areas. Unlike Skype there is no ‘offline’ mode and you cannot make calls to non Viber users, even for an additional charge.
  5. Tango- Works best for one on one communication and the video connection and quality is overall good with some complications but there is hope that these may be remedied soon. It immediately goes through your contacts and lets you know who is a Tango user. However, since there are still relatively few users the chances of your friends actually using it is slim. Its biggest drawback is that it is not designed for group chat, yet it is still an easy to use option that is gaining fans.
Hopefully this can help you choose which app is best for you, and help you stay in touch while you’re overseas.

Angie Picardo is a writer for the personal finance website, NerdWallet, where you can find information on the best apps for all your financial needs and how to answer the question, “am I saving enough?”

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tel3Advantage Coupon Code - Promo Code

Tel3Advantage started their Mother's Day special offer today for new customers.  Those who sign-up for Tel3 Advantage service using this link Tel3 Coupon or by calling 1-800-441-0321 and using coupon code "MOTHER13" will get up to $29 in Free Calls along with Tel3Advantage low rates.  This is a great time to try one of the best options for prepaid calling with low international rates to most locations.  Tel3Advantage can now be used from 22 countries, it can also be used to make calls from any kind of telephone without changing service providers.  Tel3Advantage has made it easy for people to save money on all of their long distance phone calls.