Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Speed Dial International Numbers

People who make frequent international phone calls know what it is like to always dial a long string of numbers in order to place a call.  To make matters worse, if the number called is busy than it is necessary to repeat the process over and over. It is also easy to make a mistake and place a call to the wrong phone number.  To make international calling easier and error free, several companies offer prepaid calling cards and other products with a speed dial feature.  One favorite product with an easy to use speed dial feature is Tel3Advantage.  Their product is very user friendly and can store up to 99 phone numbers that can be revised and edited as frequently as necessary.  With Tel3Advantage a customer can simply log into their on-line account, click on a link labeled speed dial numbers and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to enter a new phone number.  The customer assigns a two digit number from 01 to 99 to each entry and they are stored for easy reference. The list can also be formatted for printing.  When placing a call a customer simply dials the Tel3Advantage access number and inputs the two digit number assigned to the person they wish to call followed by the # key and the number is automatically dialed.  This is a super feature for people who make frequent international calls to the same phone numbers.

Not all phone cards offer speed dial so if you want this feature you will need to open a Tel3Advantage account or use a premium calling card like Continental Card which also offers a speed dial feature.  Visit Tel3 Promo to open a Tel3Advantage account with a special offer for new customers.  You can also call 1-800-441-0321 from the USA or Canada and ask for the "Triple Promo" offer.  Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap international phone calls to any location from the USA, Canada and 20 other countries.

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