Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Simple and Easy Way to Save Money on International Calls

Tel3 has been in the prepaid phone service business for nearly twenty years and offers one the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America. Their Tel3Advantage prepaid call plan can now be used to make cheap international phone calls from the USA, Canada, Mexico and another 19 countries including several popular locations like France, Germany, Brazil and the UK. The Tel3Advantage plan will not only save customer’s money on international phone calls but it is also convenient and very easy to use. It can also be used with any existing phone service without changing anything. All a new customer needs to do is visit the Tel3Advantage website and complete a simple application and make an initial deposit of as little as $10. Their account will be activated for immediate use. This can also be done with a representative over the phone by calling 1 -800- 441-0321 in the USA or Canada.

Tel3Advantage is also very simple to use and makes international calling a breeze. Callers who use a Smartphone (either an iPhone or Android) can download a Free App that will allow them to make direct dialed international calls right from their address book over the Tel3 Network without dialing an access number, account number or any extra numbers. It is just like dialing with a mobile service provider except a lot cheaper. Calls too many international locations are only 10 cents per-minute. Customers can use the same account to make calls from their home or any business phone. When calls are made from pre-registered phone numbers than there is no need to enter an account number or PIN code. Tel3Advantage will automatically recognize those phone numbers. All customers will also have on-line account access where they can add speed dials, registered phone numbers, monitor activity on their account in real time and make other changes to their account. Customers can pre-set speed dial numbers where they can enter international phone numbers they call frequently, assign them a two digit number and place calls by dialing those two digit codes. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors when making international phone calls. This is just a few examples of how Tel3Advantage has made international calling much simpler.

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