Friday, March 22, 2013

The Lowest Rates on Calls to El Salvador

We reviewed several popular prepaid calling products and it seems that Tel3Advantage has the lowest rates on international calls to El Salvador at 10 cents per-minute.  See their rates here or call 1 800 441 0321 in the USA or Canada. Callers can also use Tel3Advantage to make cheap calls to any location from El Salvador.  They will enjoy the same low rates as calling from the USA the toll free access number.  It should also be noted that the Tel3Advantage rate on calls to El Salvador and other locations includes all fees and taxes so they publish all inclusive rates unlike a lot of others who sell prepaid calling products.

We checked rates on other prepaid calling products and found that good rates on high quality calling cards were typically around 12 or 13 cents per-minute.  The following is a summary of other rates we found while performing a quick search.
  • Rebtel  - 26 cents per-minute
  • Skype Credit - 17 cents per-miute
  • LocalPhone - 12.9 - 19.9 cents per-minute
  • Startec - 11.9 cents per-minute
We find that Tel3Advantage has very competitive rates to almost all locations and, unlike many other companies, they do not on additional fees or taxes. Now people can use Tel3Advantage to make calls from the USA, Canada and 20 other countries.  Get more information by visiting Tel3Advantage

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Simple and Easy Way to Save Money on International Calls

Tel3 has been in the prepaid phone service business for nearly twenty years and offers one the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America. Their Tel3Advantage prepaid call plan can now be used to make cheap international phone calls from the USA, Canada, Mexico and another 19 countries including several popular locations like France, Germany, Brazil and the UK. The Tel3Advantage plan will not only save customer’s money on international phone calls but it is also convenient and very easy to use. It can also be used with any existing phone service without changing anything. All a new customer needs to do is visit the Tel3Advantage website and complete a simple application and make an initial deposit of as little as $10. Their account will be activated for immediate use. This can also be done with a representative over the phone by calling 1 -800- 441-0321 in the USA or Canada.

Tel3Advantage is also very simple to use and makes international calling a breeze. Callers who use a Smartphone (either an iPhone or Android) can download a Free App that will allow them to make direct dialed international calls right from their address book over the Tel3 Network without dialing an access number, account number or any extra numbers. It is just like dialing with a mobile service provider except a lot cheaper. Calls too many international locations are only 10 cents per-minute. Customers can use the same account to make calls from their home or any business phone. When calls are made from pre-registered phone numbers than there is no need to enter an account number or PIN code. Tel3Advantage will automatically recognize those phone numbers. All customers will also have on-line account access where they can add speed dials, registered phone numbers, monitor activity on their account in real time and make other changes to their account. Customers can pre-set speed dial numbers where they can enter international phone numbers they call frequently, assign them a two digit number and place calls by dialing those two digit codes. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors when making international phone calls. This is just a few examples of how Tel3Advantage has made international calling much simpler.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Speed Dial International Numbers

People who make frequent international phone calls know what it is like to always dial a long string of numbers in order to place a call.  To make matters worse, if the number called is busy than it is necessary to repeat the process over and over. It is also easy to make a mistake and place a call to the wrong phone number.  To make international calling easier and error free, several companies offer prepaid calling cards and other products with a speed dial feature.  One favorite product with an easy to use speed dial feature is Tel3Advantage.  Their product is very user friendly and can store up to 99 phone numbers that can be revised and edited as frequently as necessary.  With Tel3Advantage a customer can simply log into their on-line account, click on a link labeled speed dial numbers and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to enter a new phone number.  The customer assigns a two digit number from 01 to 99 to each entry and they are stored for easy reference. The list can also be formatted for printing.  When placing a call a customer simply dials the Tel3Advantage access number and inputs the two digit number assigned to the person they wish to call followed by the # key and the number is automatically dialed.  This is a super feature for people who make frequent international calls to the same phone numbers.

Not all phone cards offer speed dial so if you want this feature you will need to open a Tel3Advantage account or use a premium calling card like Continental Card which also offers a speed dial feature.  Visit Tel3 Promo to open a Tel3Advantage account with a special offer for new customers.  You can also call 1-800-441-0321 from the USA or Canada and ask for the "Triple Promo" offer.  Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap international phone calls to any location from the USA, Canada and 20 other countries.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Advantages of Virtual Phone Cards

Virtual phone cards offer several advantages over those purchased in super markets and convenience stores.  For one, it is easy to shop and compare features and prices of phone cards on-line before making a purchase.  Several websites like  Smart Global Call Phone Cards International feature a wide variety of phone cards for every purpose and to meet any budget.  There are also several other advantages of using virtual calling cards.  Some of these are the following:

  • Security - Calling cards purchased in stores are a physical card which can be lost or stolen and  while a virtual phone card is safely stored in an on-line account so there is no chance of losing the card.  However, there is still a chance of someone else using the card if they have access to the account or have the phone card PIN code.
  • Features - Many virtual phone cards come with a full range of features that are not offered with traditional calling cards.  Some of these like call history, auto-recharge and speed dial are very useful and make international calling much easier.
  • Cost - In many cases virtual phone cards offer lower costs, especially when one considers all of the hidden charges.  At least it is much easier to study the fee structure of each phone card on-line so cost of each call is not a mystery. 
  • Exchange - Many virtual phone card marketers, like Smart Global Call, allow customers to exchange phone cards.  They allow a caller to transfer the remaining prepaid amount on one card to another card which the user may prefer.
  • Access - Virtual phone card customers have access to their account and phone card information from any location where they can access the INTERNET.
  • Guarantee - Most reputable on-line phone card merchants offer a money back guarantee.  If a customer is not satisfied they can get a full refund of the unused portion of their calling card or exchange it for another card.
Phone cards are convenient to use and offer consumers a great way to save money on long distance calls.  Virtual phone cards offer even more convenience since they can be purchased and safely stored on-line.  Phone cards are very useful for travelers, students, military personnel or other people who make frequent long distance calls.