Friday, January 4, 2013

Unlimited Calling to 80 Countries

Those who consistently make frequent international phone calls should consider a world unlimited calling plan like those offered by BroadVoice Digital Phone.  They offer VoIP Phone Service for residential or business use with a variety of options for international callers.  Their "Unlimited World Plus" plan allows customers to make unlimited calls to 80 countries for a mere $24.95 per month.  This is actually $30.82 per month with taxes and user fees but still a good deal for someone who makes frequent, long international calls.  The value also depends on destination.  Many of these plans allow international calls to low cost destinations like North America, Western Europe and developed countries in Asia.  However, this plan also allows calls to higher cost destinations like India, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, Russia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.  For people who make frequent calls to one of these or other higher cost destinations this plan offers significant value.  Visit their website at: Broadvoice Compare Rate Plans for more details and a cost comparison of the plans offered.

The Unlimited World Plus plan also includes basic equipment, free calling in the USA and Canada (local & long distance) and a home or office phone where calls can be received.  It also includes 25 useful features like call waiting, conference calling, call forwarding, speed dial, voice mail and emergency 911.  The only thing required is broadband INTERNET service and a computer with an up to date browser.  Frequent international callers should take notice of this special product.

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