Thursday, December 20, 2012

TEL3 Apps - Cheap International Calling from Smart Phones

If you are looking for an Apps for making cheap international calls from mobile Smart Phones than you need to check out the Tel3Dialer Apps.  Tel3 offers an Apps for almost any Smart phone; for an iPhone, Android, Blackberry and over 450 models of cell phones.  They offer people a free trial that can be used to make up to 100 minutes of international calls.  Visit Tel3-Mobile Free Trial for information on this no obligation free trial offer. Call 800 441 0321 to speak with an agent.

Tel3 offers a great product for mobile phone users who want to use their phones to make cheap international phone calls. As most people know, mobile carriers charge outrageous rates on international calls so Tel3 has developed Apps so people can continue to use their domestic carrier for local and in-country calls but have the ability to use the Tel3 network for making international calls.  The free Tel3 Apps provide the following features:

  • Direct Calling - Tel3Apps users can make international calls without dialing an access number, entering an account number or a PIN code.  They can simply select a number from Contacts and dial it direct with Tel3 Apps.
  • The lowest rates on international phone calls with no loss in call quality.
  • The same Tel3Advantage account can be used with mobile phones and land-lines so all international calls can be consolidated into one account.  The account contains a call history so details of all calls made using the account are listed in real time.
  • There are no add on fees or taxes.  There is also no fee for opening or maintaining an account.  Even occasional international callers find a Tel3Advantage account to be useful.
  • The Tel3 Apps is very easy to use.  All international calls (those calls starting with 011 or "+" sign) are automatically routed over the Tel3 network.
Give the Tel3Dialer a try today by using the free no-obligation trial offer. 

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