Friday, November 16, 2012

New INTERNET Phone Application

Local Phone has introduced a new INTERNET Phone desk top application for Windows and Mac users.  Those interested can visit cheap international calls from your computer for more information or the following is a quick summary of the features offered with the new desk top application..

  • Now users can both make and receive calls on their computers.
  • Now users can send SMS messages from their desk top.
  • User will receive a missed call notification.
  • Now users can make calls or send SMS messages directly by using the keypad dialer.
  • The users account balance is displayed on the desk top in real time.
Callers can down load the new application for free and use it to make free calls to other Local Phone customers using the INTERNET phone application.  International calling rates to phones are also very cheap, starting at just 0.5 cents per minute. We find this product very handy because you can make calls right from your lap top using a built in microphone.  It is very easy and convenient, for example, when receiving an e-mail from friends you can immediately call them without leaving your computer.  

Local phone can also be used like a phone card to make cheap calls from phones using access numbers.  It can be used to make calls from phones from over 50 countries or by using an INTERNET connection almost anywhere. 

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