Friday, November 30, 2012

Finding the Lowest Rates on International Calls

Most international callers know that there isn't a single product that offers the lowest rates to all locations.  Most products offer lower rates than competitors to certain countries or regions of the world and higher rates to other locations.  Take Skype for example, it offers free PC-to-PC calls but it charges relatively high rates on PC-to-Phone calls.  In addition, some prepaid phone cards advertise relatively low rates but add on significant fees, taxes or other charges so the actual cost of calls is relatively high.  We have found one product that offers relatively low rates to most locations with really great rates to a few places.  This product also does not charge hidden fees or taxes in order to jack up rates.  The product is Tel3Advantage and it has some of the best rates (by far) to the following locations.  The country name is listed followed by the price in US cents per minute (for calls from the USA or Canada).

Angola (8.4), Azerbaijan (13), Belarus (15.3), Central African Republic (16.1), Honduras (8.2), Kenya (2.7), Maldives (8.9), Mozambique (5.6), Philippines (7.9), Tanzania (8.5), Turkmenistan (7.5) and Zambia (3.8)

We find that Tel3Advantage has very good rates to most countries in Africa or the Middle East.  Visit their website at Tel3Advantage to check rates to the countries you call or call 800 441 0321 for more information.  It is great to find a product that offers honest rates along with good call quality. 

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