Friday, August 10, 2012

International Calling during Ramadan and Eid Holiday

There are several good options for people calling home during Ramadan and Eid-ul-fitr.  The best option depends on the location of the caller and the calling destination.  We discuss three options below which cover a broad spectrum.

Tel3Advantage is a very popular prepaid calling plan that can be used to make cheap international phone calls from the USA and Canada.  They have a triple promo option for new customer's that is ideal for Ramadan and Eid calling since it offers reduced rates for 30 days as well as a signup bonus.  It is a great plan for those who wish to call the middle east and want to use a land-line or mobile phone.  It works like a virtual calling card but it has higher quality connections than most phone cards and does not have hidden costs.  The rates listed on their website include all fees and taxes so it is easy to estimate the cost of each call.  They also provide callers with an on-line call history so the cost of each call can be monitored.  Those interested in further details should visit Tel3Advantage Triple Promo or  call 1 800 441 0321.

Another great option is Rebtel.  They currently have a Ramadan special which will last through August 30, 2012. Details can be found on this page Ramadan100% Bonus .  Basically, Rebtel will match the initial $10 deposit of new customers who sign-up with this offer so they will receive a 100% bonus.  Rebtel also offers new customers a Free 5 minute trial call so they try the service before depositing any money.  Rebtel can be used from land-lines and mobiles in the USA, Canada and around 60 other countries so it has a wider application than Tel3Advantage .  It can also be used to make calls or send text messages over the INTERNET (PC-to-Phone) from almost any location.  We have tested Rebtel from many locations and it is a high quality product.  However, check the rates before trying it since the other products offer better rates to several locations.

LocalPhone is another product that is similar to Rebtel.  We find that it has better rates to most locations but we think Rebtel has slightly better quality. The also have a special which is valid until August 31.  They offer a 100% bonus on the first recharge up to $5.  This is easy to obtain since new customers can deposit as little as $1.  Therefore, deposit $1 to open the account than recharge with $5 and receive the bonus.  Visit this page 100% bonus credit until 31 August 2012 for more information or to sign-up for this offer.  LocalPhone also offers a Free 5 minute trial call.

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