Friday, August 24, 2012

International Calling Bonus for Students

LocalPhone is offering a special offer for Students just in time for the new school year.  Students can get a double bonus credit of up to $10 that can be used to make phone calls.  That is up to 2500 minutes of free calls.  People who are interested in more details should visit Students get double credit .  Localphone is a unique product that can be used to make cheap long distance domestic and international calls using a land line, mobile phone or PC.  It can also be used to send cheap SMS messages to any location in the world.  LocalPhone has great rates to many locations, for example long distance calls in the USA are only 0.5 cents per minute....even students can afford these rates.  In any case, LocalPhone provides prospective customers a Free 5 minute test why not give it a try.

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