Monday, May 7, 2012

Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Double Bonus

The Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Double bonus special started today and runs through May 18th.  New customers who open a new account during this time will get double the normal sign-up bonus, up to $20.  The bonus money can be used for making calls.  The amount of the bonus depends on the amount of money deposited into the account when the new account is opened.  The following is how it works, there are four choices:

1.  Deposit $10 and get a $2 bonus.
2.  Deposit $25 and get a $10 bonus.
3.  Deposit $50 and get a $15 bonus.
4. Deposit $100 and get a $20 bonus.

Visit Tel3Advantage Mother's Day Promo for more information or to sign-up or call 1 800 441 0321 and provide the coupon code "mom12".  Tel3Advantage offers a great product for making cheap international calls from the USA and Canada.  It is a simple to use prepaid plan that can be used instantly from any telephone to  make cheap long distance calls to any location.  Now is a great time to give it a try and get some free minutes for Mom.

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