Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tel3Advantage – Clean, Transparent and Trusted

People commonly ask “Why should I use Tel3Advantage rather than another prepaid calling product?  What advantages do they offer?”  We have put together the following information to help answer these questions.

With tel3Advantage you will get the cleanest rates on the market, period.  Tel3Advantage rates include all fees and taxes so there are no gimmicks or hidden fees.  Check the Tel3Advantage rate page for details. All calls are billed in one minute increments and all customers have real-time access to call and billing records in their personal account. Tel3Advantage has also been a trusted company for over 12 years with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Every Tel3Advanatge customer has access to their own TEL3Advantage Customer Account Management system 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, so they can check all their account details online. They will be able to view their credit card charges, account balance, and run reports to see their call history. They can also add/edit credit card information, instant access numbers, speed dial numbers, sub accounts and change their settings for SMS notifications, recharge options. Basically the customer has total control of their account 24/7.

One very popular feature are the new free mobile applications that can now be used to place direct international calls from a customer’s cell phone without entering any Access Numbers or PINs. Tel3Advantage users can now enjoy the full functionalities of their Blackberry, i-Phone or 400+ other cell phone models.  This includes dialing directly from their address book while placing calls for pennies per minute.  Visit Tel3 Mobile to learn more and take a free trial.

Tel3Advantage users can now do much more when they call any TEL3Advantage access number. Once they hear the "Welcome to TEL3" prompt, they have the option to manually recharge their account or contact the Tel3Advantage customer service department directly just by using the new smart numbers.

By simply pressing the 1* buttons when accessing the system, they will have the option to manually recharge their account. By simply listening and following the prompts they will be able to continue making calls as usual after the account is recharged. Please note: For security purposes, over-the-phone recharges are only available from registered telephones.

By pressing 0* when accessing the Tel3Advantage system, a call will be directed to one of the Tel3Advantage customer service representatives.  Please note: A fee is not charged for this call.

Tel3Advantage customers can create their own favorites contact list and add it to their Speed Dial list inside their online account. Now, they can also sync the speed dial list with their iPhone via the Dialer iPhone app. See the Apps section on the Tel3Advantage website for details.

Tel3Advantage users can add up to 99 phone numbers to their Speed Dial list. By doing this whenever they want to place a call to one of the numbers included on the list, they simply enter the 2-digit speed dial number and they are connected.  This makes international calling a breeze.

TEL3Advantage can currently be used from any location in the USA or Canada.  A caller simply dials one of the Tel3Advantage access numbers or uses one of their Ato make a call. Tel3Advantage provides both toll-free and local access numbers for in the USA and Canada.

Customers who have multiple callers in their household or workplace can create several sub-accounts under the same master account. In this way each individual has the ability to monitor their own account with an individualized PIN from one central account. There is even the option of using different credit cards for different sub accounts, if a client wishes to separate the charges of each individual account.

Making calls via TEL3Advantage is very simple. Customers simply register the phone numbers they plan to use to make calls from and start making calls immediately by dialing one of the access numbers; there is no need to dial an account number or PIN code.

Up to 10 Instant Access Numbers can be registered with each account via their online account on the web or through a Tel3Advantage customer service representative.

With the new TEL3Advantage SMSavings Club, customers get exclusive recharge offers to their cell phones. It is easy to opt in and out from a client’s online back-office. Furthermore they can get their latest account balance information and change their recharge mode via SMS as well.

To receive their latest balance information they simply write "bal" and text the message to the TEL3Advantage SMS number. Tel3 will send a reply text message to them with their balance information. To turn on or off the account’s auto recharge status they simply write "auto off" or "auto on" and text the message to the TEL3Advantage SMS number. Note: A Confirmation SMS Message from Tel3Advantage must be received; if there is no message then it means the request has not been received or processed.

These are a few reasons why people choose Tel3Advantage and keep using it year after year.  It has continued to be one of the most popular prepaid calling products for making cheap international calls in North America because it has continued to innovate and provide features that make international calling easier and more convenient.  Try Tel3Advantage today and receive a new customer bonus of up to $10 in Free Calls. 

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