Friday, May 25, 2012

Free International Calls to Greece

LocalPhone is offering free international phone calls to Greece for all of their customers for one week starting on May 25, 2012.  This offer is for all customers, not just new customers.  It is valid for all calls to Greece so customers can call for as long as they want and make as many calls as they like.  The offer is valid until June 1 ,2012.  Those who are interested should visit Free calls to Greece until 1 June for more information.  It is free to open a LocalPhone account and they offer a free 5 minute trial call to all new customers so they can try the service before making a deposit.  The minimum deposit is only $1 so there is not much risk in trying the service.

LocalPhone is also a unique service since it can be used like a phone card to make international phone calls from about 60 countries and can also be used to make PC to Phone calls from any location where an INTERNET connection is available.  The same service can also be used to send international SMS messages and customers can even set-up special phone numbers that can be forwarded to them anywhere in the world so friends and family can easily keep in touch.

People who wish to make international calls to Greece should give LocalPhone a try today and get some free calls.

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