Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tel3Advantage Coupon Code for Easter Special Promotion

Tel3Advantage is offering a special sign-up promotion for new customers for a 10 day period, from April 3 through April 13, 2012.  In order to get this special offer a new customer must include the coupon code  "EASTEREGG" at check-out.  If you sign-up on-line you will need to look carefully for the place to the coupon code when you check-out, alternatively, new customers can call 1-800-441-0321 and ask for the Easter Special offer.  This is a very good offer that allows new customers to get extra free calling minutes when they sign-up.  The amount of bonus money that can be used for calling depends on the amount of money a new customer deposits into the account according to the banner below.  The more money deposited the more bonus a new customer receives.

Tel3Advantage is a very popular service for making cheap international phone calls from the USA and Canada.  It can be used with any existing type of phone (mobile, business or home) without making any changes to the existing service.  Customers can save up to 95% on international phone calls with no loss in call quality, functionality or convenience.  Use this special offer by visiting Tel3Advantage and using the coupon code below try today.

Tel3Advantage Coupon Code

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