Monday, April 30, 2012

The Cheapest Rates on Calls to the Dominican Republic

Tel3Advantage has the lowest rates on calls to the Dominican Republic.  Their rate is only 2.1 cents-per-minute on calls from the USA and Canada.  Unlike many phone cards, this rate also includes all fees and taxes as long as the caller uses a local access number so there are no hidden charges.  New customers will also get up to $10 in Free Calls. 

So how does this rate compare to other popular prepaid calling plans.  We surveyed found the following rates were being charged by competitors:

Typical high quality phone card rates were 3.5 cents per minute but this rate does not include all fees and taxes.  Other rates we found include LocalPhone at 2.9 cents per minute and Rebtel at 4.9 cents per minute.  All were significantly higher that the rates charged by Tel3Advantage.

In order to get the 2.1 cent per minute rate a caller needs to sign-up for the Triple Promo option by visiting Tel3Advantage Promo or by calling 1 800 441 0321 and asking for the Triple Promo special offer.  Tel3Advantage offers super call quality and is very easy to use.  For example, they have an App for SMART phones so callers can make cheap international calls seamlessly over the Tel3Advantage network while still using their existing mobile phone service provider for local service.  Land-line users can make international calls without dialing PIN codes and also use up to 99 preset speed dial numbers for frequently dialed numbers.  Tel3Advantage offers quality and a full range of features to make international calling a breeze.  

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