Friday, February 24, 2012

Try REBTEL for Free

Rebtel offers a Free 5 minute international call to anyone who wishes to try their service.  Rebtel can be used from any kind of telephone to make cheap international phone calls from 51 countries.  They claim to have more than 7 million users worldwide making it one of the most popular services of its kind in the world.  It is a prepaid calling plan (kind of a virtual calling card) that can be used to make cheap international calls. However, Rebtel is not used like a typical calling card.  Rebtel assigns a separate local phone number for each contact a customer wants to call and these are dialed rather than an access number when placing calls.  This has obvious advantages for people who want to use the product to make calls to a few contacts from one location but makes it difficult to make calls when traveling or to make calls to a wide range of numbers infrequently called.

We have used Rebtel to make calls to several locations and find the product easy to use, dependable and the rates and call quality to most locations is very good.  They also offer other features advantages, for example:  

  • No hidden fees or taxes.
  • PIN Free Dialing
  • Local Access so no added fees for Toll Free access.
  • Free Apps for Mobile phones
  • A 1 minute rounding interval.
  • Use it instantly from any phone.
Visit the banner below in order to try a 5 minute free call.  There is no obligation.

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William Milloren said...

I prefer Rebtel over Skype because it is cheaper and their services are comparable. Like you have posted, they offer free minutes of international call to let users experience their service. Alternatively, you may also avail for cheap toll free numbers from eTollFree.