Friday, February 24, 2012

Try REBTEL for Free

Rebtel offers a Free 5 minute international call to anyone who wishes to try their service.  Rebtel can be used from any kind of telephone to make cheap international phone calls from 51 countries.  They claim to have more than 7 million users worldwide making it one of the most popular services of its kind in the world.  It is a prepaid calling plan (kind of a virtual calling card) that can be used to make cheap international calls. However, Rebtel is not used like a typical calling card.  Rebtel assigns a separate local phone number for each contact a customer wants to call and these are dialed rather than an access number when placing calls.  This has obvious advantages for people who want to use the product to make calls to a few contacts from one location but makes it difficult to make calls when traveling or to make calls to a wide range of numbers infrequently called.

We have used Rebtel to make calls to several locations and find the product easy to use, dependable and the rates and call quality to most locations is very good.  They also offer other features advantages, for example:  

  • No hidden fees or taxes.
  • PIN Free Dialing
  • Local Access so no added fees for Toll Free access.
  • Free Apps for Mobile phones
  • A 1 minute rounding interval.
  • Use it instantly from any phone.
Visit the banner below in order to try a 5 minute free call.  There is no obligation.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tel3Advantage makes International Calling Painless

One of the advantages of using Tel3Advantage to make international phone calls is that customers can use all of the built in calling features that make international calling easier. These include the following:
  • Register the phone numbers that will be used to make calls and start making calls immediately by dialing one of the access numbers; there is no need to dial an account number or PIN code when calling from one of the registered phones. Up to 10 phones can be registered with each account and they can be instantly changed through the Tel3Advantage website or by calling customer service at 800 441 0321
  • Use Speed Dial to save dialing long international phone numbers. The Tel3Advantage speed dial feature can be used to set up to 99 speed dial numbers. Simply assign a two digit number to the phone numbers most frequently called and place an international call by dialing the assigned two digit number. A customer can set-up and change Speed Dial numbers by visiting their on-line account. 
  • Tel3Advantage offers a free mobile application that can be used to place direct international calls from any cell phone without entering any Access Numbers or PIN codes. Customers can use it to enjoy all the functionality of their Blackberry, iPhone or 400+ other mobile phone models, including dialing from their address book. Cell phone users can now place international calls for pennies and still have all of the convenience and flexibility offered by their cell phone service provider.

Tel3Advantage also has features which make it easier to make multiple calls or to complete calls without redialing access numbers and account codes. Each Tel3Advantage account comes with the following easy calling features:
  1.   To place another call without hanging up: Press ## on the key pad.
  2.  To redial a number without hanging up: Press # on your dial pad.
  3. If your call does not go through the first time do not hang up. Press ## to disconnect the previous call, and Press *# to redial the same number using a different long distance carrier. 
Tel3Advantage can be used to make cheap international or domestic long distance calls from the USA or Canada. It is a prepaid service that can be used with any existing mobile phone or land-line service provider. It is free to open and maintain an account so it can be used as little or as often as desired. Visit Tel3Advantage for more details or call 1 800 441 0321 for more details.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cheap International Calling from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is one of those international locations where they make it difficult to make cheap international phone calls.  They attempt to block Skype and other low cost options like most major phone card websites.  People who download Skype before traveling to the UAE can use it to make Free Calls to other Skype users but many have found that they cannot purchase Skype credits while in the UAE.  One way around this is to use a VPN that by-passes the local INTERNET and uses a server in the USA or Europe, than no websites are blocked.  One phone card that I use a lot from the UAE is the Continental Card sold by Phone Cards International.  There website is not blocked and the continental phone card can be used as a callback phone card (web call option) from any country.  All a person needs is an INTERNET connection and a phone (mobile or land-line) that can receive an international phone call.  The INTERNET connection is used to input the number a caller is calling from and the number they wish to call and the computer does the rest.  It directs a call to the callers phone from outside the country and connects them with the other phone.  It is very easy to use, cheap and has very good call quality.  I have used the product from several countries including; Oman, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA and the UAE without any problems.  The Continental Card can also be used as a phone card from the USA and about 60 other countries.  So your spouse or other family members can use the same card to make calls to you while you are on the road.  It is a very handy product that can be used from any country.  For best results, make a purchase and try it out before you travel.  However, if you are already in the UAE and need a product to make cheap international phone calls, visit Phone Cards International and choose the Continental Card (Web Call) for more information.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rebtel Valentines Day Double Bonus Coupon Voucher

Rebtel is offering a 200% Bonus for new customers who sign-up for service on Valentine's Day.  This special offer is only available on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012, and you will need to visit  Free or Cheap International Calls and use voucher code  valentinesbonus at checkout.  This code is only good on the first $10 deposit made by New Customers and it will add an additional $20 that can be used to make calls.  This is their best offer, deposit $10 and receive $30 in calls.

Rebtel is a popular international calling service that can be used to make cheap calls from more than 60 countries.  Rebtel customers can make Free calls to each other using phones from certain countries but they can also make cheap or Free calls from their PC's, can send cheap international SMS messages.  Rebtel also offers a full range of Apps for mobile phone users.  Rebtel also offers a Free trial call for new customers.

LocalPhone offers a very similar product and is also having a special offer through the end of February.  They offer a 100% bonus for new customers on their initial deposit up to $5.  Therefore, new customers can deposit $5 and receive $10 in calls.  Visit their website at LocalPhone to sign-up and receive this offer through the end of February 2012. The coupon code is SMARTGLOBAL100.  Localphone also offers a free 5 minute test call for new customers.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Call Plus Coupon Voucher for Localphone

Localphone will provide you with a Free 5 minute call to any location so new users can try their unique service. New customers can also visit their website at LocalPhone and they will match their initial deposit (up to $5) just for trying their service.  Those who sign-up with the above link should automatically get 100% matching or coupon code SMARTGLOBAL100 can be used at check-out.  This offer is valid until February 29, 2012.

Localphone is a unique prepaid international calling product that can be used to make cheap calls from a mobile phone, land-line or PC.  It can even be used to make free PC-to-PC calls between Localphone customers.  It also offers the following advantages over many other products:
  • New customers receive a Free 5 minute test call.
  • Open an account for Free and Deposit as little as $1 to start making calls.
  • There are no service charges or monthly fees.
  • No connection fees.
  • Credits never expire.
International callers should at least try a 5 minute test call to see if they like the product.