Friday, January 27, 2012

One all Purpose Phone Card

If you had to choose only one prepaid calling product for making low cost calls, which would it be?  We have reviewed many products over the years and have found one that seems to offer something for everyone.  It is LocalPhone, it offers all of the following services in one package.

  • Phone Card - A caller can use it as a phone card to make cheap international calls from about 50 countries.  So a caller can make cheap calls from any kind of phone.
  • INTERNET Calling - The same product can be used to make PC calls by down loading an app onto a computer.  The app can be used to make cheap PC-to-Phone calls to any location over the INTERNET or it can be used to make Free international calls to other INTERNET phone users.
  • Incoming Number - A customer can rent a local number where friends, family or anyone can dial a local number and connect with them anywhere in the world.  The number can be forwarded to a mobile or land-line and a fee would be charged for each call or it can be forwarded to a PC and the calls would be free.
  • Dial On-Line - Calls can be dialed on-line in order to avoid high outbound fees.  An on-line dialer is used to connect two phones anywhere in the world.  This can result in significant savings on international calls from some locations.
  • Global SMS - LocalPhone can be used to send cheap SMS messages to overseas phones.  Customers can send messages using different phone numbers and keep an on-line record of all messages.
LocalPhone als has free Apps for iPhones or Androids.  Therefore, customers can easily use their low cost service from their SMART phones.

LocalPhone offers a Free 5 minute call in order to try their product before making a purchase.  Customers can deposit as little as $1 in order to try the service or if it is only needed for a short time.  There is no contract or long term service so LocalPhone can be used as needed.  Visit LocalPhone and sign-up before January 31st by using coupon code SMARTGLOBAL100 at check-out and get a 100% bonus on your first deposit (up to $5).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free Calls to China for Chinese New Year

Local Phone has announced that they will offer free calls to China in celebration of Chinese New Year. This offer is valid from 1600 hrs GMT January 21st through 1600 hrs GMT on January 25, 2012. Also, new customers can receive and 100% bonus on their first deposit (up to $5) by using coupon code SMARTGLOBAL100 at checkout. Visit Free calls to China for Chinese New Year 21st-25th January for details and to sign-up for this great offer.

Local Phone features super low international calling rates and can be used as a phone card from many countries. It can also be used to send international text messages or for making PC-to-Phone or PC-to-PC calls from any country. This is a great offer for people who want to make Fee Calls to china during this Chinese New Years.

Positivity for Indian Telecoms

India has been the centre of much controversy in the world of telecommunications recently due to the ongoing scandal case, however, today some positive news has been announced. That is the news that a new deal has been struck between Bharti Airtel and Mogae Media. This deal is a first in the Indian telecoms industry, and it will be interesting to see the difference it will make to Bharti Airtel’s operations.

Bharti Airtel has announced that it will outsource all its advertising inventory management and mobile-commerce initiatives to Mogae Media. This will mean that Mogae Media will sell all possible advertising space on mobile, DTH and broadband services. Mogae Media is a firm that is being promoted by former Dentsu India Chairman, Sandeep Goyal.

It was reported that Goyal confirmed the deal but would not reveal any financial details.

Analysts have suggested that this is the first time a telecom service provider has collected and outsourced the entire advertising inventory in the country.

Prashant Singhal, the telecom leader at Ernst & Young, has been commenting: “No one has done that in India so far.” Mr Singhal went on to add the following: “The model has high potential since the mobile phone is the only medium to reach out to 800-900 million people.”

Furthermore, an analyst has said that Bharti Airtel could now generate around 40-50% of the industry’s revenue based on the pure enormity of its post-paid customer base. Who knows whether this will lead to Bharti Airtel lowering their rates, or whether it could in turn lead to lower rates when making cheap calls to India?

It has also been announced that Bharti Airtel’s deal with Mogae will work on a revenue-sharing model, whilst a spokesman for the telecommunications firm said that the company would not comment on market speculations and partner relationships.