Friday, December 9, 2011

Why Use an INTERNET Phone?

INTERNET phone is especially useful for international travelers who travel with a PC.  It can be used to make calls over the PC from any location in the world.  All that is needed is a computer with a microphone and a dialer that is down loaded from a service provider.  The rates are very low, especially when compared to long distance rates from hotels.  It is also a much cheaper option than an international mobile phone.  For international calls, there is simply no option that is cheaper or more convenient.  The following is a summary of some of the reasons:

l  It will work from any location in the world and there are no roaming charges.
l  Make calls over any broadband connection.  Most first class hotels have these in each room.
l  Calls between users of this service (Computer to Computer) are often free.
l  Most service providers include voice mail and call forwarding options.
l  Some service providers include a Dial on Line option.

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James said...

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Internet calls is known to be the cheapest one. Anybody can afford them and make full use of the communications.