Saturday, November 19, 2011

Send Cheap International Text Messages - Global SMS

Now it is possible to send text messages overseas without paying the high rates charged by mobile phone service providers. This is a new service offered by LocalPhone.  It is part of a full suite of services offered with their on-line phone card.  The Global SMS service can be used from a mobile phone (using the local phone number they provide) or from your computer.  In either case, the message appears to come from your mobile phone.  It is one of the cheapest ways to send international text messages with rates starting at 2.7 cents per message.  Setting up an account is also easy and Free.  You can deposit as little as $1 in order to start using the service.  LocalPhone is also offering a 20% discount on their service until the end of November (coupon code LPUSNEW) and they also offer a free 5 minute trial of their service.  The same account can be used to make cheap international phone calls from nearly any country.  Visit the banner below for more details.

Send cheap international SMS with Localphone

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