Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Make Cheap International Calls from iPhones

Tel3Advantage offers their customers a Free iPhone App that can be used to make cheap international phone calls over the low cost Tel3Advantage network. The new TEL3Dialer App can be used with any iPhone without changing service providers. There is also an a Tel3 App for Android phones. Now anyone can easily make cheap international calls from their mobile phone.

The TEL3Dialer App is a Free and any Tel3Advantage customer can use the App to make cheap international phone calls. The iPhone app allows a TEL3Advantage user to place an international call directly from their iPhone without dialing an access number, account number or PIN code. In other words, it is an application that works seamlessly to save SMART phone users money on international calls.

Once the application is downloaded on to an iPhone (available in the iPhone app store), a caller does not need to dial an Access Number or PIN code anymore in order to use the low cost Tel3Advantage service, they just dial the destination phone number as normal or choose a contact from their address book, and make a direct dial call. It couldn’t be easier to use.

The following are brief instructions for obtaining the App.

 A New Tel3Advantage User

1. Sign up with TEL3Advantage by visiting Tel3Advantage or calling 800 441 0321.
2. Register your iPhone number with TEL3Advantage (add to Instant Access number list)
3. Download the TEL3Dialer from the iPhone APP Store.
4. Start making Cheap International Phone Calls.

Existing Tel3Advantage User

1. Register your iPhone number with TEL3Advantage. Add it to the Instant Access Number list in the users on-line account.
2. Download the TEL3Dialer from the iPhone APP Store.
3. Start making cheap international phone calls without dialing account numbers or PIN codes.

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