Wednesday, July 27, 2011

International Calling to Mobile Phones with Vonage World

Vonage advertises free international calling to 60 countries in their TV advertisements for their Vonage World Plan but, in most cases, this does not include calls to mobile phones. Their website indicates that this plan only includes free calls to mobile phones in 10 countries. The plan has an introductory rate of $14.99 (plus tax) for 6 months than goes to $25.99 (plus taxes & fees). The ultimate cost with taxes and fees is around $31 per month. They also have a World Premium Unlimited plan for a mere $54.99 per month (plus taxes & fees). Of course, Vonage users also need a high speed INTERNET connection.

The cost for Vonage is reasonable for those who make frequent calls to locations and phones covered by the Vonage World plan. For example, free calls can be made to land-lines or mobiles in a few popular locations like India and China. For people who make frequent calls to extended families and friends in these locations Vonage could offer a great deal. But it is not such a great deal for people who call infrequently or those who call to locations not covered by the Vonage World Plan. To illustrate this we compared the rate Vonage charges using their Vonage World plan with a prepaid calling plan (Tel3Advantage) on international calls to mobile phones in several popular destinations. We have listed some of these below where Vonage World rates are compared to Tel3Advantage Triple Promo rates on calls to mobile phones in selected destinations. Rates are in US cents per minute.

Destination Vonage Rate/Tel3Advantage Rate (cents/min)

Afghanistan 125/23.9
Belize 29/19.9
Costa Rica 8/2.8
Egypt 15/9.4
France 19/11.5
Ghana 20/18
Iran 36/8.1
Jamaica 22/14.7
Lebanon 20/14.7
Liberia 35/19
Nigeria 28/9.8
Romania 29/8.7
Russia 8/4.2
South Africa 23/11.6
Turkey 19/10.3
UAE 28/19

Vonage may have some advantages on calls to certain locations but, as shown above, it should not be assumed that it offers the best deal to all locations. People who want to save money on international calls should investigate a prepaid plan like Tel3Advantage where calls can be made from any kind of telephone without an INTERNET connection. There are also no monthly fees or hidden charges like monthly fees, taxes or surcharges. Tel3Advantage is very popular with people who make international calls to mobile phones in many countries because of their low rates, high quality connections, ease of use and the ability to make calls from mobile phones or any kind of telephone without making any changes.

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