Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lowest Rates on Calls to India from the USA and Canada

Tel3Advantage has announced a new savings plan that has the lowest rates available for international calls to India from the USA or Canada. The rate is only 1.6 cents-per-minute for calls to land-lines or cell phones. This rate includes all fees and taxes and there is no cost for maintaining an account with Tel3Advantage. Tel3Advantage can be used to make low cost calls from any kind of telephone without changing companies.

Tel3Advantage is one of the most popular prepaid calling plans in North America. It has been in business for over 15 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also offer a money back guarantee so people can try their service at no risk. The following are some highlights of the features included with Tel3Advantage.

  • Pin Free Dialing - No reason to enter an account number or PIN code when making a call.

  • Direct dial international calls from smart phones with Tel3Apps.

  • On-line call history in real time. Know the exact charge and details for each call made on your account.

  • Set up to 99 speed dial numbers. Save time and minimize errors when making international calls.

  • The same great rates 24/7 with no hidden fees or taxes.

  • Toll free or local access numbers. Note there is a 1 cent-per-minute charge for using the toll free access number.

  • Open an account for as little as $10.

  • The highest call quality.

The lowest rates to India and other international locations. Visit India Savings Plan or call 1 800 441 0321 for more details.

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