Monday, May 23, 2011

Tel3 Offers Low International Rates to Kenya, Liberia, Ghana and other Locations in Africa

People who make frequent calls from the USA or Canada to countries in Africa should consider Tel3Advantage. They offer some of the lowest rates on international calls to Africa and also feature plans tailored for Business, Individuals and a specific mobile plan. Tel3Advantage is especially popular with individuals who want to make cheap calls to Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The following are some sample rates on calls for the USA or Canada;

Burkina Faso 14.7 cents/min
Cameroon 8.8
Dem Rep of Congo 10.8
Cote D'Ivore 16
Ethiopia 15.3
Ghana 4.9
Kenya 2.7
Mali 14.3
Nigeria 5.1
Senegal 23
Tunisia 12.8

Visit cheap international calls to Africa for more information and a complete list of rates.

In addition to low rates on long distance calls, Tel3advantage also offers a full range of features that help make international calling a breeze. Each account holder receives free on-line access to an account summary page where they can make changes to their account and monitor activity in real time. Many customers like the on-line call history feature where they can monitor the cost of each call made from their account. Tel3Advantage rates include all fees and taxes so there are no hidden costs or surprises. Opening an account is free and there are no maintenance charges for keeping an account. Try Tel3Advantage now by visiting Tel3Advantage Promo and receive free minutes and a discount on all calls made for the first 30 days.

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