Monday, May 23, 2011

International Calling No More a Distant Dream with the Calling Cards

Making affordable international calls today is no longer a distant dream as telecom companies continue to develop innovative cost saving solutions. Until recently, making international calls was not desirable because of high cost but today, with the advent of technology long distance commutation has become affordable and within the reach of nearly everyone. With International calling cards, VOIP, and other new technologies the cost of making international calls has dropped dramatically over the past decade. VOIP involves making use of the Internet to make calls to other countries. The voice is transferred over the Internet as packets of data and the cost of making calls is insanely cheap. VOIP has indeed made international calling much cheaper but it also has drawbacks. For example, at least one caller must have an INTERNET connection or communication is not possible. Also, VoIP is actively blocked in some countries so it is not available in all locations. However, when VoIP is available it is a viable, low cost option.

The best option for most people for making cheap international calls is to use international phone cards. These are becoming more common as the popularity of mobile phones increase. Calling Cards are a practical choice since they aid in making cheap international mobile calls. They have an advantage over others for they are low priced and can be used from any kind of telephone to call almost anywhere. Since these cost less to the company they are a value for money for the customer. They are so extensively used in some locations that they claim 40% of the telecom market and also cover a major share of convenience store and internet sales. The Internet today has become a medium reaching a wide range of audience hence the telecom companies are also not running behind. Today calling cards are also available online with many companies selling calling cards through web sites. is one such web portal that offers cheap calling cards.

Calling cards are not only advantageous for the consumer but also for the service provider as well. Since they are easily available online this eliminates the need for a physical card and hence comes handy in the manufacturing cost. There by helping the service provide give more value for your money. Since they are prepaid hence eliminate the need of debt collection. So get a calling card and get close to your dear ones around the world.

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