Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Cheapest Rates on Calls to Jamaica

Tel3Advantage now offers the lowest rates on international calls from the USA or Canada to Jamaica. The Tel3 rate on calls to landlines are only 6.7 cents per minute while the rate on calls to mobile phones in Jamaica are only 14.7 cents. Those who want to make cheap calls to Jamaica should visit the following page in order to get double the free minutes when a new Tel3Advantage account is opened: Jamaican Special. This special offer is valid through April 30, 2011. Tel3Advantage is a popular prepaid long distance plan that can be used to make cheap international calls to any location from North America (USA and Canada). It is popular with frequent international callers since it has the highest call quality and does not have any hidden charges. The rates posted on their website includes all fees and taxes. Tel3Advantage can also be used from any kind of phone without changing anything and is very easy to use. Many mobile SMART phone users prefer Tel3Advantage since it has a free Application (tel3Apps) that can be downloaded and used to make international calls without dialing any extra numbers. There is no need to dial an account number or PIN code when using Tel3Advantage.

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