Monday, April 25, 2011

Cheap International Calls to Middle East Locations

The Middle East is a very popular international calling destination for people who live in North America. Immigrants from the Middle East who live in the USA and Canada wish to call home frequently and many North Americans work and live in the Middle East so their friends and family want to keep in touch. International calling rates from traditional long distance service providers (landline or mobile phone service) tend to be high so most international callers are constantly searching for cheaper options.

Many people would like a cheap international calling plan that offers low rates on calls from landlines or cell phones to the Middle East. Tel3Advantage has a very good international calling plan for making calls from mobile phones or landlines to the Middle East and other international locations. Each account can be used to make cheap international calls from up to 10 phones without dialing and account number or PIN code. These phones can be home, business or cell phones so one account can be used to consolidate all international calling expenses into one account. Tel3Advantage also offers the lowest rates to either cell phones or landlines in most locations. The rates really are the lowest if one assumes they offer the highest call quality and their rates include all fees and taxes so there are no hidden charges. Tel3Advantage also offers a signup bonus for new customers in order to encourage people to try their service. Tel3advantage does this because they know that most people who try their service become long term customers (around 70% of new customers continue to use the service for 1 year or more).
The following are some Tel3Advantage sample rates to landlines in the Middle East from phones in North America. These rates include all fees and taxes. Visit cheap calls to the Middle East for more information.

Bahrain 3.2 cents/min
Egypt 9.4
Iran 8.1
Iraq 2.1
Israel 1
Jordan 7.5
Kuwait 5.6
Lebanon 9.1
Morocco 10.5
Oman 21
Palestine 12.4
Qatar 15.8
Saudi Arabia 3.8
Syria 12.1
Turkey 1.8
UAE 11.4
Yemen 12.3

In addition to low rates, new Tel3Advantage customers will receive up to $25 in free calls when they open a new account. It is also free to open an account and there all no fees for maintaining an account.

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