Saturday, March 5, 2011

Calling the UK from Canada

We recently discovered that the UK is one of the most popular international calling destinations from Canada. We have also found that international rates on calls from Canada using traditional calling options are relatively high when compared to the USA. Those people who want to save money on international calls from Canada to the UK and other international destinations should look for a good international prepaid calling plan. These plans can be used from any kind of telephone (cell, home, business, etc.) and offer far better rates than traditional service providers and have similar call quality.

One of the most popular prepaid long distance providers in North America is Tel3Advantage. In the past their service could only be used to make calls from phones in the USA but they recently expanded their service to Canada. Using Tel3Advantage, calls to the UK from Canada cost only 1.4 cents-per-minute. This rate is valid 24/7 and includes all fees and taxes so there are no hidden charges. Tel3 also provides callers with free on-line account access where they can monitor account activity, make changes to their account, add speed dial numbers and do other useful things. Those who want to save money on international calls should visit calling the UK from Canada for more information. New customers will also get up to 1000 free minutes if they open an account during the current promotion.

It is also possible to make cheap calls to the UK from Canada using international phone cards. Rates are as low as 1 cent per minute and they can be used to make calls from any kind of telephone. Many people feel that phone cards offer inferior quality. In some cases this is true but there are premium phone cards that offer call quality that rivals any option for making international calls.

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