Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Best Rates on International Calls to Africa

We have found that Tel3Advantage has some of the lowest rates on international calls to Africa from the USA or Canada. We have compared them with other prepaid calling plans with similar call quality and found they they have the best rates to most destinations in Africa. Some phone cards may advertise lower rates but, in most cases, they add additional fees while Tel3Advantage includes all fees and taxes in their rates. Tel3Advantage is also easy to use since it comes with features like PIN free dialing and speed dial. The following are some sample rates:
  • Calls to Angola 8.4 cents per minute to land-lines/15.3 cents to mobile phones
  • Benin 8.8 cents to land-lines/13.8 cents to mobiles
  • Burundi 4.4 cents to land-lines/4.4 cents to mobiles
  • Cameroon 8.8 cents to land-lines/16.8 cents to mobiles
  • Gabon 8.4 cents to land-lines/18 cents to mobiles
  • Calls to Kenya 7 cents to land-lines/9.9 cents to mobiles/2.7 cents to Nairobi
  • Lesotho 10.8 cents to land-lines/17.9 cents to cell phones
  • Liberia 13.5 cents to land-lines/19 cents to mobiles
  • Mozambique 5.6 cents to land-lines/11.3 cents to mobiles
  • Calling Nigeria 7.7 cents to land-lines/9.8 cents to mobiles/5.1 cents to Lagos
  • Sudan 9.9 cents to land-lines/11.5 cents to mobiles
  • Swaziland 3.9 cents to land-lines/16.4 cents to mobiles
  • Tanzania 8.5 cents to land-lines or cell phones
  • Tunisia 12.8 cents to land-lines/34 cents to mobiles
  • Togo 22.1 cents to land-lines/29.9 cents to mobiles
  • Uganada 7.9 cents to land-lines/9.8 cents to mobiles
  • Central African Republic 27 cents to land-lines/16.1 cents to mobiles

Tel3Advantage is a popular prepaid calling plan that can be used to make cheap calls to Africa and other destinations from Canada or the USA. It can be used with any kind of telephone without changing companies so it is very convenient for short or long-term use. There is nothing to change and there are no long term contracts, maintenance fees or other obligation. It is very popular with mobile phone users who want to make international calls since it can be used to direct dial international calls from Smart Phones using Tel3Apps. Those interested in more information should visit cheap calls to Africa for rates and a coupon for up to 1000 Free Minutes. You can get the same offer by dialing 800 441 0321 and asking for the Triple Promo special offer.

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