Friday, January 28, 2011

Calling to Israel from the USA and Canada

Tel3Advantage recently announced a reduction in rates on international calls to Israel from the USA and Canada. The new rates are 1 cent-per-minute on calls to landlines in Israel and 6.3 cents-per-minute on calls to mobile phones. These rates are good for 30 days when a new customer signs up using the their Triple Promo offer. Visit cheap calls to Israel or call 800 441 0321 for more details. People who sign-up through the triple promo offer will get lower rates for the first 30 days and up to $9 in free calls. These are the lowest rates in the industry when compared to other prepaid options with similar call quality.

The normal Tel3Advantage rates to Israel will apply after the first 30 days. These are still very good at 2.1 cents-per-minute for calls to landlines and 7 cents-per-minute on calls to cell phones. Tel3Advantage also offers highly rated customer service and a variety of features including on-line account management, call history, speed dial, toll free access number, local access and PIN free dialing. It is one of our favorite products for making international calls to to Israel and other locations.

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