Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Phone Card Sale - 10% Discount

Get a 10% discount on all of our premium phone cards at Smart Global Call through December 27th. Visit Christmas Phone Card Sale to select your favorite phone card. This includes a 10% discount on AT&T phone cards or choose from a wide selection of international phone cards that can be used from over 130 countries. Our most popular cards are continental, luky minutes, solaris and simply. Visit the above link and click on the phone card tab at the top for a complete list.

Continental is one of our favorite cards because it has premium call quality and is very versatile. It can be used as a conventional phone card or as a call back card (web call feature) or even to make conference calls. It also comes with many popular features like speed dial, call history and PIN free dialing. It can be used to make cheap calls from the USA and over 60 other countries. If you plan to travel over the holiday season than we have a phone card for you.

You can also send a phone card as a last minute gift to someone who is far away. We have a convenient gift option where you can send a gift and the recipient can choose the card they want from our wide selection.

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